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  1. The funny thing is that watching this video (& full sound but with the earplugs on, as I am going to sleep atm) didn't make it look like a big deal at all. Like #OhSoInnocent, ain't it? No big deal? But it could matter a lot for this young man.... Or then again, maybe not? I just hope this young man gets everything he wanted, he is cute, he is sweet and I could totally see him rock some talent show in some years, like they do <3

  2. Years & Years saying they are inspired by the Queen:


    Skip to: @32:30

    Shameless promo of Olly, yes, but I think it is relevant and directly related to this, Britney Spears news section :hibebe:

    TBH, I can hear it. (Listen to the track that comes right after his introduction (@32:30), the song is called Sanctify, by Years /&/ Years)

    If you can't hear it, your blined


  3. I love it always, even in times I need to listen to it more than I do, as I'd think and say to myself.

    I will never get over the HIAM teasers of M.V. It is kinda in my memory. 




    All HAILee the Queen!


















    Drink up!

    Drink up!

    Drink up!

    To the Queen!!!!










  4. You could still be a quite fresh viewer of the Years & Years new music video. It was uploaded maybe a little more than an hour ago? At the same time it was uploaded Years & Years singer was in BBC Radio 1, listed Britney as one of his early inspirations and said that the single is inspired by Britney's I'm A Slave 4 U vibe.