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  1. I haven't intimately listened to this song for a while. And man, I listened to this journey and just cried, her voice in it can even make me feel a little sad for a moment. (Maybe because it sounds different on my current headphones though. Even so, her voice can make me feel ALL THAT. Though remember, it is wicked the way he moves and it's a long way home. And he comes to me in my dreams. :kyliecry:)

  2. 1 hour ago, billyjb26 said:

    Look at the post date, October 25th, 2009. This video came out in 2007 or 2008. I believe it already had over 100m views before the original was deleted. It should be much higher... upwards of 200m easily, which is amazing for its time. Same with Gimme More! :mattafact:

    we been knew, but at the same time it is a wonderful reminder.

  3. 6 hours ago, LELE said:


    I'm glad that the treatment has worked for you and you have not lost your memory.


    Yeah, I am an evidence that it could work and if done in a certain way, it is perhaps not as scary

    Surely there are better and worse ways to run this procedure. There is the choice of what anesthetics to use, to begin with. I suppose the ways to do it now are much more humane compared to the past. 

    But I am sure that there is a risk involved, some people could do terrible with it. I was lucky.

    Also, it is quite a common procedure in my hospital, there was somebody going to the therapy every day when I was there longer.  Sometimes 9 patients a day from all the 40.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    I'm a meat eater so I can't knock anything but it's interesting to think about. 

    Also the fact that we look at certain animal for consumption while others are off limits. Ppl (in the us and I'm from the us) will make fun of cultures for eating horse, cat, dog, bugs etc 

    Is it any different than cows, pigs etc 

    We all are putting animals below us either way. So it's weird we put high standards on some but not on others. It's all really interesting.

    Which all goes back to we pick and chose what we want to condone or defend based on our own wants and views. 

    I mean I could go without meat, if I tried. Like you mentioned it's a pricey change which I cant afford. 

    I mean I could afford better eggs, to think about it. But can I afford better meat? I will have to see. Probably not. :( 

    But I do believe that better meat has better energy.

    Right now there are some poorer broiler shanks in my deep freeze STILL waiting to be eaten. Perhaps I could just buy less and buy bio. This actually makes me smile. Maybe I can make some changes!

    I am so happy we talk about it (Y) I made this reply to the thread probably because I was so thrilled due to liking that song (very basic elation from self-preferences). But this what we discuss is already a VITAL topic.

    ((It is harder to buy bio broiler from my town though. And I have to see what the prices are... :o Probably in bulk straight from the manufacturer etc. It requires plans and I love to make plans. :tiffcackle:))

    I mean there has to be some organic farms treating their animals a little better. That's all what I should aim for!

    I have this new belief that grocery stores are just our big dining table of choice. I will see it to work!

    But yeah, it is interesting how eating a horse seems so much more disturbing to me than eating pork. Even eating lamb feels more terrible.I am truly an emotional being and not rational at all! Do I think pigs are dumb or somethin'? :tiffcackle: I have this weird relationship with pigs. Based on personal historical grounds, I consider pig and horse my favorite animals. But then again, I eat pork with no shame. There is a deep sense of estrangement from what I eat. I am totally alien to what I eat. Not like Natives, I suppose. It is actually terrible, so numb and so lifeless. To think about it, it almost feels like the pain of emotional numbness and feeling too far away from something from my heart. 

    On the other hand, I could ideally maybe even visit a farm where pigs have better conditions (naive? but I don't think it is unrealistic or even unreal!) And then buy from there!


  5. 9 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    Abuse is far worse because others didn't have a choice (can also be debatable) while jobs are a choice but not always. It's debatable. Most ppl don't think about where their things come from either. Same could be said about food and slaughter houses. Everything could be morally wrong if you think about it enough. 

    I'm not saying they are the same but ppl have different levels of tolerance for sure. 

    Its all interesting but it's why the world is falling apart as well. No one has the right answer. 

    Yeah, one thing is for sure - these inanimal slaughterhouses are a mistake for sure. We kinda participate in torture but survival with buying this kind of meat or eggs. Or so we think?

    To think about it, FOR INSTANCE (!) :  I can buy eggs from birds who are a little more freely in their farms. I have just been lazy because in my home store there's no option to buy "the eggs of free roostchickens" and I am concerned if my eggs would break if I get them from far away store. 1) I gotta get my ass up from my chair, but 2) I have to research my best option for eggs. To think about the price also, it is not that much more expensive to get proper eggs. And it would help me energetically :) 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    Every single person on this earth is or has been garbage at some point. Either by actions or words. 


    Yes, that's true. It's the casting the first stone thing. That makes me think it IS a little different than clothes stores that treat their workers as shhh

    3 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:


    We just accept it or go after/drop what we think is worse by majority views or our own views. 


     do you also kinda say with this sentence among other things that everything is morally relative in terms of to which extent something is bad?

    of course it seems to talk about the level of tolerance and forgiveness and about the mass mind.

  7. 2 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:

    Yeah, even though I am not technically a fan (haven't purchased any of her albums), I do recognize her vocal talent, and could see myself eventually becoming a fan if she were to find her way musically. I also actually like her personality; she tends to be a bit obnoxious, but as you said, her compassion for others seems genuine.

    Yeah, she is definitely talented, but needs her really own musical key

  8. 2 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:

    No problem! :) I'm actually trying to fact-check my own information because I honestly don't remember if the individual she's singing to/about is fictional, and therefore metaphorical, or if it's actually inspired by a real-life story, but the song in question is entitled "Karen Don't Be Sad."

    Either way, I distinctly recall hearing/reading Miley say that "Karen" was a transgender teen who committed suicide due to bullying, and this performance was dedicated to both the loss of Karen and to see as an inspirational message for all current transgender individuals to encourage them to remain strong in the face of great adversity.

    This is sweet. And it is a little naive/innocent/[childlike if I may] as that simple concept and it makes it kinda pure'n'simple actually. She has great compassion and has that organization, I am sure she is meaning it all.

    Compared to that, her last album seems a little held back ALMOST if it was too behind the frames.