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  1. Now if we're talking body... SO GOOD to take a shower listening to Tove Lo's songs.

  2. I share my music in one file sharing program. Fergie's leaked album is quite popular there. :tiffcackle:

  3. Cuteness overloads are sometimes disgraced. When you find something cute, people sometimes think it is too much. I find it sad!

    1. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      I'd rather like to see the humanness and sincerity in cuteness than to ashame it.

  4. Lately I "luv" Britney a little more again. I am so happy. For her live singing and her talking. Her words sometimes resonate so deep into my life. And for some reason her lyrics sometimes cut deep into my soul :') Like a knife.

  5. @CashmereCat How do you like Bride Of The Water God? Some people complain.... They say that Gods don't act like Gods for example, but who told how they should act! And I don't find anything in acting disturbing either, I have seen much worse....

  6. I think K-pop is in a much better state than American pop

    1. ohoney


      Musically? is relative: kpop have tons of sounds, from generic (bad/good) or very unique songs, kpop is very diverse, sadly people think that kpop sounds ALL like the mainstream hits (big mistake in putting the whole genre in the same bad), but pop suffers from this too.

      But if we are gonna talk about choreography, production, music videos, etc, then kpop is totally winning since YEARS.

  7. Me every morning when I already want to put music on - does "night peace" time really end so early?

    1. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      In Estonia night peace ends @ 6 AM on the weekdays

  8. Charli XCX's Boys is becoming my fav video of the year. And not only because of the boys :) 

    1. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      Then again, Kesha is surely on the top places of my list.

  9. Just listening to A Thousand Suns, what a trip <3 Remember when I had an otherworldly experience with it when it came out.


    1. BoyToySoldier


      This is actually a huge bop. I wish this was the Iggy song Brit was featured on and not Pretty Girls. :lemmetellu:

    2. korralations


      R.I.P Digital Distortion :mattafact:

  11. Where to get My Neck My Back in HQ?

    1. BrittonJeanSpears


      Khia's song? On iTunes.

  12. ".i mean u can say that Beyonce uses fireworks or dances on the stage...She is the only one on the stage that can fucing dance and sing at the same time without any out of tune or mistekes..."

    1. Dirty Boy

      Dirty Boy

      Everyone knows she prerecords.

      Plus, she got caught lip syncing the fucking anthem. When will Britney? :queenflopga:

  13. Scream & Shout is a perfect twerking song

  14. Stomp and Shout and Work It Out

  15. Hold On Tight and Brightest Morning Star acoustics are the best. <3

  16. Breatheheavy should also have a section called Deep Music News or something. Sometimes pop music can be so superficial

    1. ohoney


      Mainstream pop is but hey, at the least if you look it up you can still find pop quality songs though.

    2. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      u're right :) 

  17. I am just so grateful for the fact that Britney is in business at all.. :crying2: She is needed for many. And still fulfilling to many.

  18. Billboard coming through ad. block... Yasss! Come through, Billboard! This is only the beginning. :staysalty: 

  19. Rn, Taylor Swift's newsbit doesn't load. (I guess for nobody?) ahahahahahahahaha

  20. Y'all, listen to new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OSiE4I-tRY


    Smooth melodies, twisted video.

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    2. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      Adorbs :hype: 

      Although, yeah, to think about it, it seems like it is for a really small audience, even smaller than the regular audience...

      Still, in case you gave her a view, it is all good.... You did, didn't you? You know how much I like it when someone gives her a view??? I even don't know what is wrong with me, usually I don't care, but I see so much in this music video.

      I really dare to think it is miles better than Mo Bounce, for example. :lmao:

      Do you like Mo Bounce, btw? I must still confess I could listen to something like that in some of my dullest moments :hype: Even though they are few and far between :giggleney: But I love the good ol' Bounce without a Mo.

      Although, to think about it, you might be a person who don't like Iggy?

      If that's the case you just have to recommend me one good "real" rapper that I don't know cause I would love to get more into rap music.

      I lately discovered this rapper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypVUjBGVoGQ sh!t, this sh!t is so real!!



    3. Britneybbhmm


      Yeah I gave her a view:woopsie:

      Iggy mo bounce. :nyheadache: How do u know, that I can't stand ha?!

      I like Trina, she's a dirty rapper and I love that! :unbelievableney:

      There r a few that I like!


    4. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      f**k Boy is sweeeeeeeeeet : = )

      and even elegant in a way...

      But you and disliking Iggy somehow fit each other (Y) (Not in a bad way at all, more like in a classy way) And considering that there are many people here who don't like her, it was a GREAT possibility that you turn out to not stand her. :giggleney: 

  21. The weirdest thing, I forgot Bebe Rexha's name for a couple of days. I was just like - who was this chick who co-wrote this bop:


  22. How do you call that new setting of the header menu? :) cute as f**k :arianabye:

  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcErSHLwZfQ

    I am gay, but why does this arouse me? I have the slogan "Are you in or out" just for the jokes , but her final performance was sooo good.