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  1. How scared where you in 2007/2008

    Compared to how scared I am now, I'd say 100% then and 0% now.
  2. A single artist, a single every 2 months
  3. This is such a good idea Team Britney, take notes
  4. I haven't intimately listened to this song for a while. And man, I listened to this journey and just cried, her voice in it can even make me feel a little sad for a moment. (Maybe because it sounds different on my current headphones though. Even so, her voice can make me feel ALL THAT. Though remember, it is wicked the way he moves and it's a long way home. And he comes to me in my dreams. )

    I would have loved to hear DYWCO from radio.
  6. MERRY BRITMAS!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4FF6MpcsRw
  7. Awesum! Piece Of Me hits 100 million views

    we been knew, but at the same time it is a wonderful reminder.
  8. Sometimes I think she

    Yeah, I am an evidence that it could work and if done in a certain way, it is perhaps not as scary Surely there are better and worse ways to run this procedure. There is the choice of what anesthetics to use, to begin with. I suppose the ways to do it now are much more humane compared to the past. But I am sure that there is a risk involved, some people could do terrible with it. I was lucky. Also, it is quite a common procedure in my hospital, there was somebody going to the therapy every day when I was there longer. Sometimes 9 patients a day from all the 40.