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  1. Your tracklist is interesting, it would sure be more interesting to listen in that order. Maybe I'll try
  2. Find out your Blackout rank

    RANK SONG 1 Get Back 2 Gimme More 3 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 4 Heaven On Earth 5 Freakshow 6 Outta This World 7 Toy Soldier 8 Why Should I Be Sad 9 Piece of Me 10 Break the Ice 11 Radar 12 Hot As Ice 13 Perfect Lover 14 Ooh Ooh Baby 15 Everybody #mess
  3. Would they ever have done the re-release though But it would be so so rad if Britney ever did
  4. So happy for you that you love Glory
  5. Remixes... that are better than original

    I think some remix of Scary was more interesting for me than the original. I personally think Scary does not have the best production possible.
  6. For instance, HOT is a midtempo. But still, she will never perform it properly
  7. Remixes... that are better than original

    see my other post in the thread
  8. Yeah, I thought about WSIBS too when comparing to the album I would totally have loved a second disc with songs just like that
  9. Remixes... that are better than original

    Now I can't edit ofc
  10. Remixes... that are better than original

    Oh f**k I just wanted to say I refrain from thinking that the remix on OP is better than original I initially put on the subject title "... or kinda better" You see, I am quite sure there is only handful of remixes that are better than original It would get boring if we took it too literally
  11. Is fergie's DD her BJ? Also does tension sound....

    Well I guess noone is seeing a miracle coming for Fergie
  12. Remixes... that are better than original

    Also, a little experiment If you think this remix is better than original UPVOTE If you think this remix is worse than original DOWNVOTE Games are fun, let's see how it goes
  13. Is fergie's DD her BJ? Also does tension sound....

    I don't know... I just happen to like a lot of DD songs Even if they are outdated or some might consider some not a proper song or something. idk
  14. I on the contrary want slow songs. But I can understand how you feel. Some things feel more real or more dead to some, depending on the surrounding circumstances I have never experienced being a fan of her and hearing her ballad live too. I think at least, unless she really had DLMBTLTK live on FF
  15. Yasss. she is preggie. new album cuming soon!
  16. Yeah you are right. Although I was just kidding: I think I don't even realize the influence of Toxic in the radio. It must be slow but steady.
  17. Omg this POM video

    Even though it is probably not true, I already remember F**k F**k as a better tour.
  18. I used to jam to Pretty Girls once, but now I find it totally unpleasant.
  19. Taylor could never pull off a Dramatic
  20. The Pussycat Dolls Deny Prostitution And Drug Claims

    What else COULD they say?
  21. The Good Place [Spoilers]

    I am currently in a state where I can't find a drama that interests me. But then again, I am only watching Korean and Japanese dramas lately. And I am under an impression that I would be even more bored with an American drama. People have recommended me American dramas, but I never gave them a go. I really should dig them up! Although, I am into dramas that are mildly cute, but have a lot of suspense to them. I liked Pinocchio (the Korean drama). Oh and by the way, somebody once told me that I should watch real Pinocchio and said that I could learn what it is to be a human from there. Does it tell something about me?
  22. But Toxic is popular with radio! How does that not count?
  23. Songs rankings are based on weekly performance on the Pop Songs chart Is this one of THOSE charts then?