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  1. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    But what if I told you that 12 is your lucky number :smokney3:
  2. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    We should really write that letter
  3. Every time I bling my eye I love it more and more <3.........
  4. Why you'd wish that for anybody............
  5. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    .. I know it gets Namba 1 if we add Mood Ring
  6. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    YyyYYYASSSS bitchess i'm down
  7. http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?album=14036&pid=553577#top_display_media https://translate.google.com/
  8. This.... But the thing is that in Estonian there is a word that the dictionary translates as "chick" in English, but it is noooooott the same word.... :crying: that's what I am trying to explain in my Edit.
  9. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    i love its versatility ..
  10. Yes, that's helpful too.... BUT: It gives it actually a very wide meaning. Maybe in my homeland it has a little alternative meaning than in the general world. I do think so now. I sometimes feel it has a meaning like one (or many) of the girl/woman stereotypes do though. But these stereotypes are hazy and very much not clearly defined. Can be both good or bad. I can't explain rn. I'll try to think how and come back to you... So, I do get the impression that my friend means it in a little more narrowed down sense. I need to ask my friend what she really meant, lol, so obvious. But it is so funny. She just gave me this hazily defined term about Britney in the past. EDIT: I will get you my friend's more exact definition n come back to yah-s.
  11. We haven't actually talked much with my friend.... About what it means to be...... a chick............
  12. Your FÄV song?

    It is obxiously very simple You just have to see there what it isnt and then you enjoy BIM
  13. Your FÄV song?

    Mine is this!! Yes I went that far What has become of me? hat will become of me!
  14. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    I refuse to discontinue living it. I refuse to stap the disco in my room.
  15. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    I fücking LOVE my memories with Glory..
  16. Is Camila Cabello bigger than Britney?

    Maybe?? What's her m2??
  17. phffffff... I don't believe for one bit that "1) she is done with music because 2) she is "lazy"". just throwing it off her outta my guts.... just saying, you know.....
  18. I am listening Glory from Spotify

  19. When I tell them the way I feel, it's like they hear but they're really notlistening. "I don't know. I'd rather write for other artists" (...) These quotes could have been taken from the same chapter. But they obviously aren't
  20. Yes, Love Me Down is my favorite song too.