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  1. I'm pissed

    Yeah, tell your parents to save the chance for next meet & greets
  2. I'm pissed

    Here is to hoping she will extend Tell your parents that maybe she will extend!
  3. Funny POM documentary names?

    Britney Spears lives on, yes
  4. Yeah, I guess it is a little like buying my clothes from a chain that provides poor conditions for the workers. One part of me tells me that there is a big difference, the other but smaller part tells me that there is principally no difference. Actually there is,but still.. I am confused. I sense that somebody could be extremely eloquent on Exhale explaining the difference.
  5. OMGGGGGG Really? For me it is the abruptest change of angle and perspective Thanks for informing us sis In this case it should have made headlines" But we all know that media plays it safe.
  6. Funny POM documentary names?

    This could be sweet and shady at the same time
  7. Awesum! Piece Of Me hits 100 million views

    She really does look like a beautiful doll on this picture.
  8. Funny POM documentary names?

    RICCUS is really the road to Las Vegas
  9. Funny POM documentary names?

    Yasss Isnt this theater beautiful is a wonderful name for this It sounds so grand as a documentary title
  10. Sometimes I think she

    Personally some drugs I have been on have had dramatic effect on me, but electroconvulsive therapy doesn't seem to affect me. Of course I have thought about doing some memory tests over time. Maybe I should consider... But no, it is not like my memory has dramatically decreased.
  11. Sometimes I think she

    Once a month I receive electroconvulsive therapy. And I am fine. Although I have always had bad memory. I have encountered others who encounter the same therapy. And I think that disasters in my town at least are rather exceptional. Thoughts?
  12. Sometimes it rains gold. Spoilage is upon us. We are also lucky to live on the era of free music (although I am proud to say I own a Carly CD)
  13. Secret project not about POM?

    no last pom project, she will extend
  14. Help !

    Not available to me too, just checked I am not even interested fortunately
  15. Help !

    It is a sad visual in my head too that you reminded of. Even for the reasons of my personal sadness linked to that. Although, sh!t happened and not so much anymore
  16. Miley: "Britney, you are everything to me!"

    Yes. plz collaborate again. and SMS is not bad, but something even more well thought out this time around would be good
  17. I am really sorry, but I like this song But yeah, maybe better to listen some solo version...
  18. Honestly, sometimes I think they are great, sometimes I think perhaps they are not SO great.
  19. For me it is impossible to understand how should I feel about this dildopicture. I mean, I mostly don't feel anything, but something in me goes like "Whuuuuuuttt?" and it is weird cause I would think I'd have a stronger reaction. It is funny, but I think something about her demeanor makes these worn costumes look less vulgar to me!
  20. Is it weird that now that she says it, it makes me like the video even more?
  21. Why is everybody here so anti Vegas residency?

    Beautifully written
  22. Watch || New Ig Video

    Well, to look at it that way, at least she does whatever she likes and probably doesn't give much fucks about not being beautiful more of the time (?) It is funny and weird ,but I guess she doesn't sweat about it at all? Damn, who would see into her really.... There could be a lot of things ofc. But I hope it is just her not giving a f**k, not some underlying image issue or smth.
  23. I kinda like him, he has that calming effect with his sexiness. But I prefer a different kind of spark and playful attitude
  24. Watch || New Ig Video

    I love Cyndi. I showcased this song to my friend though and he said it is very ordinary and there is nothing to hear or see in the video He is very rigid about his music taste. Good friend though (Y)