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  1. So I tried to translate it from here: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?album=14036&pid=553577#top_display_media But it is hazy and cuts off some words :crying: (used Google translate) HERE IT COMES... the first quote FRENCH DRAFT: J'aime simplement ce que je fais. chaque matin je me reville je n'arrive pas a croire d'un m... J'ai au beacoup de chance de rencontrer les gens avec je travaille Ce sont mes fans qui m'inspirent chaque je ain si que mes gays fans, qui sont tres importants pour me ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM TRANSLATE.GOOGLE.COM: I just love what I do. every morning I'm thinking again I can not believe d'un m... I have a lot of luck meeting people with my work It's my fans who inspire me every so much so that my gay fans, who are very important to me ... FRENCH DRAFT: C'est precisement pour cette dimension iconique q... Catol Lim et Humberto Leon, a la tete de la direct... artistique de Kenzo depuis 2011, en on fait l'egeri... de La Collection Memento no 2, qui pioche dans le archives de la marque. Depuis toujours, le couple createurs travaille avec ceux qui, comme Chloe Sevi... David Lynch ou Spike Jonze, ont modele notre imagi... par leur image. de l'univers de Britney Spears, ils ont retenu le cropped top ou la casquette a porte sous toutes ses formes. Et notamment sur t... rouge, avec un Justin Timberlake assorti a son bra.... de la ceremonie des American Music Awards de 2001 "Cétait mon idee, se souvient Britney, J'aime le de.... et les corsets, c'est done ce que j'avais demande a m... styliste. En guise de blaguq, on a donne une veste en a Justin et franchement, on pesait du'il ne la porte.... jamais. Mais il l'a fait ! Et c'est reste dans les annale... Au-dela du fait que nous etions assortis, je pense que parce que c'etait different. Je portais aussi enormement de diamants, et je crois que la cote casual du jean asso... a beaucoup de bijoux a rendu l'ensemble tres cool." ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM TRANSLATE.GOOGLE.COM: It is precisely for this iconic dimension q ... Catol Lim and Humberto Leon, at the head of the live ... artistic Kenzo since 2011, we made the egeri ... of The Memento Collection No. 2, which pick in the brand's archive. The creative couple has always worked with those who, like Chloe Sevi ... David Lynch or Spike Jonze, have modeled our imag ... by their image. from the world of Britney Spears, they chose the cropped top or the cap with a door in all its forms. And especially on t ... red, with a Justin Timberlake matched to his bra .... of the ceremony of the American Music Awards of 2001 "That was my idea," recalls Britney, "I like the de .... and the corsets, so that's what I asked for as a stylist." By way of blaguq, we gave a jacket in Justin and frankly, we weighed because he never wears it ... but he did it! And it stays in the annals ... Beyond the fact that we were matched, I think that because it was different, I also wore a lot of diamonds, and I think the jeans' casual side asso ... a lot of jewels made the whole thing very cool. " FRENCH DRAFT: aujourd'hui, apres une adolescence passee a travaillé sans relache, Britney Spears est libre de tester tous les filtres de chatons possibles et imaginables s... Instagram. De choisir elle-meme ce qu'elle y devoile... sa vie privee, d'un match de tennis avec son compagn... (de son propre aveu, ils jouent comme des pieds) aux dessins de ses enfants. Libre, apres quatre ans d... concerts en residence a Las Vegas, d'emmener les d... pharaoniques du show dans le monde entier : elle jo... ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM TRANSLATE.GOOGLE.COM: today, after a past adolescence has worked relentlessly, Britney Spears is free to test every possible kitty filter imaginable ... Instagram. To choose for herself what she reveals ... her private life, a tennis match with her companion ... (by her own admission, they play like feet) with the drawings of her children. Free, after four years of ... residency concerts in Las Vegas, to take the Pharaonic show to the world ... FRENCH DRAFT: a Paris les 28 et 29 aous ille peernier soer est deja complet). "Mon dieu, il y a tellement de choset que j'aime en tournee, explique-t-elle. L'aventure, le platsir d'etre chaipie fois de nouvellers personnes. Meme a la maison me musique parfois enormement. " Sortira-t-elle bientoe des titres neufs "Je ne sais pas. J'aimerass sourfout ecrire pour d'autres. Il y a des artistes formidables en ce moment, et je voudrais travailler avec le jeume generation. Ce sont etoc qui ont autre d'experimenter. Les plut vieux vont blavex, n'on pas toupurs le coeur d ce qu'ils font. Travailler avec les jeunes, c'est les vox ballet, s'outvie. C'est beaucoup plus interestant." Avoir Britney Spears pour mentor, le neve de toute pop star en devenir, tant la carriete de cette demiere a ete construite sure une volonte d'affirmer son identite et de ne pas se laisser enfernmer dans un personnage, sage ou delure, sulfuteux ou amoureux, qu'elle l'ait choisi ou qu'on lui aint impose. Une bataille dont on imagine qu'elle arait pris un tout autre eclairage si elle avait ete menee de nos jours, ou chaque femme est encouaragee a revendiquer son desir. "Ce qui te patre en ce moment est incroyable, reconnait elle. D'un point de vire personnel je vais tres proche de ma terux, qui est enerante. Je rextens une con..... a forte entre nous que c'en est meme bizarre. Je pense qu'il est imporant que nous, les femmes ayons une "dune serur" au sens feminin du terme ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM TRANSLATE.GOOGLE.COM: in Paris on the 28th and 29th, the peernier soer is already complete). "My God, there's so much stuff I like on tour," she explains, "adventure, the challenge of being chaiped once more by new people. Will she come out soon new titles "I do not know, I would love to write for others, there are great artists right now, and I would like to work with the younger generations, they are the ones who have other experiences. Do not worry about the heart of what they are doing, working with young people is vox ballet, getting excited, it's much more interesting. " To have Britney Spears as a mentor, the neve of any pop star in the making, as the career of this last one was built on a will to assert her identity and not to be inflamed in a character, wise or delure, sulphurous or in love whether she has chosen him or not. A battle that we imagine would have taken a different light if it had been conducted today, or every woman is encouaragee to claim his desire. "What you feel right now is incredible," she says, "from a personal point of view I'm going very close to my terra, which is enerante. is even odd, I think it's important that we, women, have a "dune serur" in the feminine sense of the word FRENCH DRAFT: qu'il s'agisse d'une mere, d'une tante, d'une armie. Des femmes qaut vous motivent, voux poeurrent a donner le meilleur de voux-meme. Nous sommes tous bumaires, nous vonx besoire les femmes est encoure plus lourde. Il est ... important de se scentouire." Elle, en ..... ...., a .... surmonter la pression. Legende vivante, femme d'affaires et "mum next door" revenue des pires affites de la celebrite, Britney Spears incarne aussi la quintessence du reve americain. Elle en a sa propre definition: "La (the word we as Britney fans have to translate) et la magic. Les amis, le rire, et l'amour." Star resiliente par excellence, elle reflete peut-etre l'.... d'un pays qui n'en compte plus beaucoup. Faire d'elle une egerie mode en 2018 pouvait paraitre etrange. Finalement, pas du tout. ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM TRANSLATE.GOOGLE.COM: be it a mother, an aunt, an armie. Women who motivate you, you will be able to give the best of you. We are all bumaires, we vonx bored women is incurred heavier. It's ... important to be crazy. " She, in ..... ...., has ... overcome the pressure. A living legend, businesswoman and "mum next door" from the celebrity's worst affair, Britney Spears also epitomizes the quintessence of the American dream. She has her own definition: "The word we have Britney fans have to translate and magic, friends, laughter, and love." Star resilient par excellence, it reflects perhaps the .... of a country that does not count much. To make her an egerie fashion in 2018 could seem strange. Finally, not at all.
  2. Yeah, i Figured sooner than later. Isn't there some Oliver or something that fluently speaks French without all the unnecessary kisses? jk The devil is in me rn, don't mind me
  3. We all know Britney is the bitch~~~~* (ohkayy) But is she a chick too??? According to my friend, Britney is a chick. :-o BUT WHAT IS THIS TERM? AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO MY FRIEND, AN ESTONIAN IN CULTURE AND LANGUAGE? as i now became aware, according to urbandictionary "chick" bassically means every girl ever. But in Estonian there is a term that means something far less wide. The term is translated as "chick" to English but doesn't mean quite the same. moreso, it seems like it means something different to every Estonian ever, because it is a street-slang and it isn't very well defined. BOTTOM LINE: I will soon and possibly in a hurry res-inquire from my friend exactly what she means by saying this about our Queen. Cause it appears you guys don't have this word in your vocabulary like we have in Estonia!
  4. As I understand, it was related to her watching random interviews (I don't know which ones, old or new??? righttt!!!) and it was related to her behavior traits. But she says she don't remember exactly either, so I am not gonna bug her. She replied me for this case taht she had a narrow worldview at that time she said that. Believe me, she is one of the greatest humans I know, with a huge heart, bigger than the whole universe. But my gut feeling tells me that at that time it was something that wasn't exactly wholly negative, but it wasn't wholly positive too. It was probably related to how SHE perceived the communication style and body language of Mrs Britney Jean Spears (LOL, I mean I have nothing but respect to her, everyone knows it). What was visited as a "tibi/beibe" in this light and color was Britney Spears through the filter of my friend's preconceptions, categorizations and possibly fears. This word in Estonian (I think it was actually "beibe" (pronounced babe with a e-h in the end that can be strong and soft at the same time), but I suppose I know some of the context of it related to how our language sense of Estonian is, I want to believE............) I think in many cases is related to a woman's body language. But Whether they are queens or not has nothing to do with it in this sense of the word. They could be, or they could not. Some of them are, we know that Britney is Queen and a very exemplary one at that. Sidenote: a queen is definitely NOT MADE of whether she speaks in a certain manner or moves her head of a certain manner (which is in turn to be perceived by the viewer who can be disconnected and in no way showing empathy..... (I think some rightful queens could actually move in a way that is considered+labelled by some other boorish people as cheap.) The Queen is made of Respect. In other words, in most cases, in my experience, the main factor here is just pure lack of emotional and energetical connection. On a very basic level, an "Õudne beibe" is a girl who artifically moves her like body like some dumb blonde bimbos in the dumbed-down version of Barbie-Ken (and Ken is at fault of being a "pets päss" or maybe even "rulllnokkk" in certain versions. or "oss :D". And on a non-empathic level we see some behaviors related to that stereotype and categorize in a cold, non-understanding way, based on our fears.... It is a little related to racism. Just because someone is different than us, doesn't mean it is ugly. But we are different human to human and our categorizing based on our experiences can lead to... chaos :P
  5. in Estonian you say "tibu" for the hatched and "tibi" for the women
  6. Yes, you explain it fairy well. As I can see, the English term is at times friendlier than our Estonian version that I mean. it is "tibi" I guess. Can be very positive, but can be very negative. My friend saying it, I didn't really understand how she felt when she said it. But yeah, now confesses to a narrower worldview back then. Even so, I think she didn't mean anything bad or big. But I will never know cause I ain't gonna investigate it further in obnoxiousness. But it sure is curiosity-minded work for my mind. I will ask her a question though. So funny, to see to an interesting mind. Nothing too bad, but I dare to say it is a little sensational. See "tibi" can be the Paris Hilton character from Simple Life even not counting her charm or intelligence or the character's intelligence. But it is when the "tibi" is -10 from a scale to 10. It can be a totally awesome thing or a rather gruesome thing.
  7. Ohhhhhhchhh screaming and crying I have totally forgotten about this song :P But Rihanna deserves attention :S
  8. I wonder if this would work as an alarm Or na...v
  9. Yahoo article about Britneys new face

    Poor them Can't appreciate art, face, beauty, style (in case it is about the gorgeous Kenzo campaign)
  10. @Godney's Sweet Ass posted her picture too Her idea is really original I can't see the picture now but I am really looking forward to see her approach
  11. I mean chick1 can be offensive, so can bitch1. Then again I don't think the word "chick" sounds bad to me, although you can say it in different ways in sound. But it does sound like something hatching out. To further listen to it, it sounds a little naive maybe ? But maybe not ? Depends on...
  12. In my opinion, '''chick''' has quite a nice pronunciation. It is interesting to me!
  13. GÖRL stereotypes and their names in English?

    * GIRL
  14. Just shoot! I do no-no-no-no-no-no know much about English stereotypical vocabulary, I gotta know, ye! Idioms terms terms of endearment cute words about a girl or a woman.... or a queen...... Just say what you use
  15. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    bamboozled?? @Dark.Knight got downright uzzzzedddd
  16. Yes, you see in Estonian there is an idiom "tibi" (which is said to be "chick" in English in EST-ENG dictionary and in my mind too). But in Estonian the term means something else sometimes, sometimes sometimes sometimes it is said about a woman who has certain mannerisms. Like speaking a way that reminds of a cheesy supermodel maybe It can be used by a lot of stereotypes of women and girls. At least in Estonian. Often degratory, sometimes cute (which I hoped my friend to say).... But I have realized it is just a really cruel stereotype. In Estonian..... But I don't see Britney like that at all, I don't know where she got that. Maybe she has Aspergers too, interpreting people and not getting them. I just say it because I have it and it is funny, she is an empath and sometimes I feel like I get people more right than she does, particularly pop starzzz.
  17. Xtina liked Brit’s Kenzo photo

    BTW these clothes are superb
  18. My friend said that she doesn't remember what she meant back then, she was awfully drunk and her vision narrrowned. Now she sees all women again and says that yes, chick is every effing woman ever. (Even those about who she knows nothing of and then she just doesn't get into an artifical wheaty pumped-up cloud of empty knowing. She is lesbian BTW (Just saying, cause it reminds me of how the bottom of the depth can go outta window, sometimes rating women on a scale from 1 to 1000 can be superficial, she was similarly superficial. She confesses she was....) Maybe it is related to hard times. :P
  19. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    But what if I told you that 12 is your lucky number :smokney3:
  20. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    We should really write that letter
  21. Every time I bling my eye I love it more and more <3.........