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  1. Is it that it pales and doesn't have a solid face? Anyway, I still like many songs. But yes, I can't deny it, there is an aura of miss. Yet, I often find myself listening the songs when they come up on my Youtube. And they often do. (I am often listening through recommendations and auto-play lol.... But not always.)
  2. What exactly makes Double Dutchess so bad

    I think I have heard her first album, but don't remember it anymore. Will have to compare But of course songs like Like It Ain't Nutting pale to the original Fergie hits. I don't like this song from the DD for example.
  3. Happy 25th Anniversary to Madonna's "Erotica" album + SEX book

    I have that book. My book. My kinda book, it seems. But it is in Italian I think. I wasnt quite thinking straight when I bought it in I talian, but at least I supported a member who is a Britney and Madge fan and he is quite cool in my book too.
  4. They just mean that Justin is being better than Britney :D
  5. Camilla Previews Havana video

    First time listening and she is quite good. I mostly like the performance of I Have Questions though
  6. Ruining the beauty with tattoos seems to be the new trend Oliver Sykes blacked out one of his arms I think it makes him much more unattractive.
  7. #ImWithHer Lady Gaga Poses With Five Former Presidents

    Good to know! Now I can have peaceful and white dreams
  8. Till I can't take it no more

    I do think Big Fat Bass is one of will.i.am's nicest works for Britney.
  9. Till I can't take it no more

    https://soundcloud.com/karl-gustav-mutso/big-fat-rehab-vs-amy-winehouse-album-version I have bopped to this and had my windows open on a nice summer day. A couple of people who walked outside positively smiled/smirked when they heard it Love me a warm reception.
  10. Britney POM 10/21/2017

  11. Britney POM 10/21/2017

    * at times she has
  12. Britney POM 10/21/2017

    Britney does look old,but it is still somewhat interesting and pleasing to look at. Plus, she has been much worse constantly on M&G-s
  13. #ImWithHer Lady Gaga Poses With Five Former Presidents

    I get it. That's why it made me think of Britney, it is not that strange at all. I have seen too many Madame Pussot sculptures.
  14. #ImWithHer Lady Gaga Poses With Five Former Presidents

    I am not saying she looks similar to Britney, but her face her looks the most similar to Britney I have ever seen on her. This elegant a little Monroeish vibe I am being messy I know.
  15. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    This graph in this section leaves a little ambiguous feel. It is confusing about the USA and world for me. USA is not mentioned in the world circle, is USA completely on its own ? idk something feels messy about it, am I just missing something? It feels like you could interpret it in one way or the other.
  16. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    Kimmel and Corden have been disrespectful towards Britney. But yet these positive tweeters of Britney watch them.
  17. Fiebre Britney is going to Las Vegas

    He has monetized his account right? Surely that's why he is acting as a gossip magazine
  18. #ImWithHer Lady Gaga Poses With Five Former Presidents

    Not sure if I would have cried
  19. Will Britney age decently like...

    At least her eyes will never change.
  20. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    You are still being useful... You are working for Exhale
  21. It doesn't look good at all from afar.
  22. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    It really shows that your thought is always well organized. I am jealous Proudly jealous
  23. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    Yass, especially when you bring that part out like that with the emote, it really made me laugh :D But probably there are even bigger things behind it.

    Plus she has okay clothes. Even more than okay imo