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  1. the first quote: J'aime simplement ce que je fais. chaque matin je me reville je n'arrive pas a croire d'un m... J'ai au beacoup de chance de rencontrer les gens avec je travaille Ce sont mes fans qui m'inspirent chaque je ain si que mes gays fans, qui sont tres importants pour me I just love what I do. every morning I'm thinking again I can not believe d'un m... I have a lot of luck meeting people with my work It's my fans who inspire me every so much so that my gay fans, who are very important to me ... C'est precisement pour cette dimension iconique q... Catol Lim et Humberto Leon, a la tete de la direct... artistique de Kenzo depuis 2011, en on fait l'egeri... de La Collection Memento no 2, qui pioche dans le archives de la marque. Depuis toujours, le couple createurs travaille avec ceux qui, comme Chloe Sevi... David Lynch ou Spike Jonze, ont modele notre imagi... par leur image. de l'univers de Britney Spears, ils ont retenu le cropped top ou la casquette a porte sous toutes ses formes. Et notamment sur t... rouge, avec un Justin Timberlake assorti a son bra.... de la ceremonie des American Music Awards de 2001 "Cétait mon idee, se souvient Britney, J'aime le de.... et les corsets, c'est done ce que j'avais demande a m... styliste. En guise de blaguq, on a donne une veste en a Justin et franchement, on pesait du'il ne la porte.... jamais. Mais il l'a fait ! Et c'est reste dans les annale... Au-dela du fait que nous etions assortis, je pense que parce que c'etait different. Je portais aussi enormement de diamants, et je crois que la cote casual du jean asso... a beaucoup de bijoux a rendu l'ensemble tres cool." It is precisely for this iconic dimension q ... Catol Lim and Humberto Leon, at the head of the live ... artistic Kenzo since 2011, we made the egeri ... of The Memento Collection No. 2, which pick in the brand's archive. The creative couple has always worked with those who, like Chloe Sevi ... David Lynch or Spike Jonze, have modeled our imag ... by their image. from the world of Britney Spears, they chose the cropped top or the cap with a door in all its forms. And especially on t ... red, with a Justin Timberlake matched to his bra .... of the ceremony of the American Music Awards of 2001 "That was my idea," recalls Britney, "I like the de .... and the corsets, so that's what I asked for as a stylist." By way of blaguq, we gave a jacket in Justin and frankly, we weighed because he never wears it ... but he did it! And it stays in the annals ... Beyond the fact that we were matched, I think that because it was different, I also wore a lot of diamonds, and I think the jeans' casual side asso ... a lot of jewels made the whole thing very cool. " aujourd'hui, apres une adolescence passee a travaillé sans relache, Britney Spears est libre de tester tous les filtres de chatons possibles et imaginables s... Instagram. De choisir elle-meme ce qu'elle y devoile... sa vie privee, d'un match de tennis avec son compagn... (de son propre aveu, ils jouent comme des pieds) aux dessins de ses enfants. Libre, apres quatre ans d... concerts en residence a Las Vegas, d'emmener les d... pharaoniques du show dans le monde entier : elle jo... today, after a past adolescence has worked relentlessly, Britney Spears is free to test every possible kitty filter imaginable ... Instagram. To choose for herself what she reveals ... her private life, a tennis match with her companion ... (by her own admission, they play like feet) with the drawings of her children. Free, after four years of ... residency concerts in Las Vegas, to take the Pharaonic show to the world ...
  2. This.... But the thing is that in Estonian there is a word that the dictionary translates as "chick" in English, but it is noooooott the same word.... :crying: that's what I am trying to explain in my Edit.
  3. We all know Britney is the bitch~~~~* (ohkayy) But is she a chick too??? According to my friend, Britney is a chick. :-o BUT WHAT IS THIS TERM? AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO MY FRIEND, AN ESTONIAN IN CULTURE AND LANGUAGE? as i now became aware, according to urbandictionary "chick" bassically means every girl ever. But in Estonian there is a term that means something far less wide. The term is translated as "chick" to English but doesn't mean quite the same. moreso, it seems like it means something different to every Estonian ever, because it is a street-slang and it isn't very well defined. BOTTOM LINE: I will soon and possibly in a hurry res-inquire from my friend exactly what she means by saying this about our Queen. Cause it appears you guys don't have this word in your vocabulary like we have in Estonia!
  4. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    i love its versatility ..
  5. Yes, that's helpful too.... BUT: It gives it actually a very wide meaning. Maybe in my homeland it has a little alternative meaning than in the general world. I do think so now. I sometimes feel it has a meaning like one (or many) of the girl/woman stereotypes do though. But these stereotypes are hazy and very much not clearly defined. Can be both good or bad. I can't explain rn. I'll try to think how and come back to you... So, I do get the impression that my friend means it in a little more narrowed down sense. I need to ask my friend what she really meant, lol, so obvious. But it is so funny. She just gave me this hazily defined term about Britney in the past. EDIT: I will get you my friend's more exact definition n come back to yah-s.
  6. We haven't actually talked much with my friend.... About what it means to be...... a chick............
  7. Your FÄV song?

    It is obxiously very simple You just have to see there what it isnt and then you enjoy BIM
  8. Your FÄV song?

    Mine is this!! Yes I went that far What has become of me? hat will become of me!
  9. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    I refuse to discontinue living it. I refuse to stap the disco in my room.
  10. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    I fücking LOVE my memories with Glory..
  11. Is Camila Cabello bigger than Britney?

    Maybe?? What's her m2??
  12. Something must be coming soon... Surely?

    phffffff... I don't believe for one bit that "1) she is done with music because 2) she is "lazy"". just throwing it off her outta my guts.... just saying, you know.....
  13. I am listening Glory from Spotify

  14. When I tell them the way I feel, it's like they hear but they're really notlistening. "I don't know. I'd rather write for other artists" (...) These quotes could have been taken from the same chapter. But they obviously aren't
  15. Yes, Love Me Down is my favorite song too.
  16. I fell down of my chair! + this bit "I don't know. I'd rather write for other artists" is WORSE than "I'll guess you'll have to wait & see"
  17. God gimme a sign #wave.emoji #dolphin.emoji

    1. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      God meaning Universe and Universe in me :) 

      meaning a hella lotta dolphins :) 

  18. What kind of love What kind of life #BEST #FuckingOHSummerHasArrived #HOTH #GOGOGO
  19. That clip felt like a morning coffee on a meadow with a lot of milk But a really sunny day.