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  1. B10 Article: 2018 Back-To-The-Roots album

    It would be cool if she had a proper duet with her sistah too.
  2. B10 Article: 2018 Back-To-The-Roots album

  3. B10 Article: 2018 Back-To-The-Roots album

    Kevin Kevin ยท Maastricht, Netherlands "What kind a stupid site is this? On JLO, Madonna, Rihanna & Britney the same tekst. Only the names are changed"
  4. I listented to Work BITCH! It helped me to stay awake.
  5. Recommend Asian music

    I stumbled upon this playlist Not your typical k-pop at all Granted, it is nothing superduper artsy-fartsy, but very solid
  6. Listen To Iggy Azalea And Zedd's New Banger "Boom Boom"

    The song is probably reminiscent of a lot of other songs.
  7. Listen To Iggy Azalea And Zedd's New Banger "Boom Boom"

    I know it sounds funny at that point, but I really hope Iggy would have a hit again in the future.
  8. For me I recently figured out that Amy Winehouse's voice is really healing. Thank you @cheri for encouraging me to discover her and more! But perhaps from the non-legendary side I like Kesha's voice in some songs. It can be soothing. And it has a little similar effect for me personally. Even though at the same time it is not similar at all. But still, I could consider it as healing. This reminds me that the label of BTS says: "Music & Artist for Healing"... So yeah, healing from all walks of music. Initially I thought of making this thread a little more narrow, but that can't happen with healing! Let's see what you've got!
  9. What Are the 10 Last Things In Your Search History?

    Mitch Allan is really something for the soul (In addition to the fact that his voice is extremely attractive ... ... ...) Sometimes he sounds like aching and supersweet at the same time, it is a wonderful characteristic that really touches my heart/creeps it in the soft touch way. I liked Empty Spaces. I know it is weird and these songs are not similar, but Empty Spaces reminded me about the existence of Hold On Tight acoustic version again. I will listen to Empty Spaces again in the near future!

    No Don't have the habit to listen to her on Spotify, I don't have the habit to use Spotify either Although - sometimes I use it... I listened to Shania Twain on Spotify for 3 days in a row and no more. So Shania is my second I listened Azealia Banks mostly just on a 2 day streak, so she is my third.... But my first is Tove Lo
  11. What Are the 10 Last Things In Your Search History?

    lavender tea eur (showing interest in buying some lavender tea) girl lost hands gesture (showing interest in making a slideshow video for a song so I can put it to youtube) starmaker out of sync (technical problems with a karaoke app) loquacity Kerli - Spirit Animal Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It? Ashe - Girl Who Cried Wolf The Creationist - Kerli avril lavigne azlyrics black hole (picture search) My 11th was Mitch Allan @Chaoscontrol Shamelessly tagging you here, I really love him - I think he sadly doesn't have too much acoustic though? Need to look into him more and more and more
  12. Britney's Most Personal Song

    I wonder if it was Britney's idea to include it on POM, the swinging could be cute at times though
  13. Her face used to be so expressive.

    I agree. For god's sake, even Femme Fatale was expressive, even though sometimes in wrong ways.
  14. Her face used to be so expressive.

    Just beautiful! I think that this performance has been underrated by me <3
  15. These lyrics though....

    I have always felt like most of these lyrics had an alternative meaning
  16. These lyrics though....

    Currently still proud of the song.
  17. New Residency in East Coast Next Year?

    It sure is an interesting phenomenon if true. The true phenomenon of Britney after all. Hope she will come to Estonia
  18. Blood in my stretchers

    The title of this thread is from the text contents of a post of my random fb friend He has "blood" red liquid ear plugs In or out? Is it better than botox?
  19. Let's Talk || Did You Guys Ever Go On A Deleting Spree ?

    I use facebook, but this made me wonder... I should perhaps keep my circle much more closed. I have never really thought about the fact that my "friends list" is much bigger than the list of people I REALLY interact with there. So many random people don't have to see my posts! I have definitely added too many people. But it would be just weird to delete them too......
  20. So I was on Deviant Art and...

    Good work and damn, it is good that people find them funny. I have my best friend and she accidentally saw these emotes and it was very funny to her! But I showed them to another friend of mine and he was like :"Why are you showing me these? * cringe * This is so ordinary!" It didn't leave me with a good feeling. Still I am happy my best friend once said that she has started to see the personality in Britney
  21. Net neutrality

    Sad and scary/inconvenient
  22. Dec 19th POM concert: Who's going?

    Is it your first and one time going?
  23. Blood in my stretchers

    Glad that somebody likes them though EDIT: oh you like the other things, not the stretchers right? I kinda like the other things
  24. Blood in my stretchers

    My Facebook friend posted himself with one on Facebook . not me I am just honestly thinking that the blood stretcher is a little ew for me , but maybe in some cases ruining one's ear could be better than making some bad choices for the face. (Was asking on OP which of those two is better.) It actually really intrigued me when I saw my FB changing his ear stretcher like that. I actually hid the post on Facebook , but I still kinda like it, although mostly I don't. It is a new thing for me.. Like a world wonder.