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  1. New IG- idk what to make the title

    She lights up the day
  2. Butler says Britney lives sad existence

    Mhhhh... A perspective!
  3. Yes, she did cared but everything in moderation. :D Seriously speaking, I guess there is more balance now in her life as she didnt promote Slumber Party
  4. I see it as a dark song that makes me feel a little selfish and therefore is dark. Think about it, it is about attention for example ("all eyes on us") I do think that it has some subconscious programming to it. What's your relation to the song? How would you describe the song? I think #thatpower is much lighter compared to S&S, but S&S has a theatrical effect.
  5. I am so happy that Britney is in the TOP 10. I only truly sympathize with her from the list right now
  6. I would like Cindy Lauper to be in the TOP 10
  7. I am not suuuure about which song I liked from the beginning. But I used to be madly in love with 3. And I would like to love Pretty Girls again Also, I would like to be delusional about BJ, it is possible to think it is quite a sweet album BTW I was not impressed with Make Me at all on the first listen. It sounded generic. I don't know why now ____________ I used to have this special energy around Britney for a while, it was very natural, but sometimes I thought that every listen should be special. Now I am not idolizing so much, but there is also less stress.
  8. These boys are young, hot, hardworking and thoughtful. They set the example. Maybe they don't compare to Mariah Carey at her best or Britney Spears at her best and most creative, but they are still people who most of us could take as an example on how to be.
  9. What did you just do? :O

    Yeah, if I'd look at my milk bottle with a certain perspective in mind, I could see how it is gross. This was my first contact with milk over a long time. No idea if it actually weakened me that I drank it, but I felt good. I bought it even with 50% discount. That's why I drank 1 liter in 2 hours But it is actually funny - I DIDN'T FEEL BAD AT ALL I am sure if I drank the so-called "most ordinary" milk, I would be in hell rn. Oh, it is good when you get new knowledge from your dermatologist! I am also happy that you didn't drink the "normal" milk back then ( @ what is normal these days, in West at least)
  10. What did you just do? :O

    May you have a good time working on it in every way. Take much joy and pride and have it All.
  11. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    Oooooh , I love dancing. Did just that yesterday. After a long long time it felt so good #Heaven
  12. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    For a moment, I was under the impression that RS is the site of short reviews, but I already found a review that was an inch longer My feelings tell me there was a long RS review too... But no interest in proving that.
  13. What did you just do? :O

    Oh right yeah this is how it works But I would really like to read it one day. I am interested in the topic. For me, it is a little hard to orientate in the news world. What is fake and what is true.. And currently I don't consider it very important too. It is just not my priority. They say, don't worry about what happens in The White House, worry about what happens in your house. As with many sayings, one shouldn't take it too straightforwardly. It might sound a little ignorant. One should have a good amount of awareness, but I am of the opinion that unless you are cut to really change something in the politics, too much awareness can even harm ya. There is just so much negative going on and some (most) of it is too hard to change at all. Of course Anonymous, David Icke and Mark Passio wouldn't agree with me. Well, I guess they would agree it is hard to change. But they would work on it anyway. They would tell you to center your life on it. There is a logic. But then again, I am sure I don't agree on everything with Mark Passio. And sometimes, some choices seem even better. Probably I have spent a little of me on thinking about that. Or a lot of me, depending on the perspective. Probably I will spend my time to think about it all a lot more. But one thing that is the most true - it all starts with oneself.