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  1. Post Your Recent Pictures

  2. Post Your Recent Pictures

    so chill
  3. Finnish singer performs Toxic on TV (Slay)

    Yass, proud of my neighbors!
  4. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

    It's not even the same pose
  5. Britney is enjoying life

    Well I like the title of this thread at least, sounds very pleasant. Who wouldn't like to hear that Britney is enjoying life
  6. Shania Twain's New Album 'Now' Debuts At No. 1

    Still happy for her My little heart beating a little more joyfully rn and listening to Life's Abouth To Get Good. She is so sweet
  7. A New Whitney Houston Album Is On The Way

    LOL so weird I just finished watching a drama where Bodyguard the album played one of the key roles. It was a time-travelling drama with changing past and therefore changing future. In one time-reality a girl tucked a loving dedication into the Bodyguard vinyl case. In another reality it was a cousin-uncle relationship. And the story goes on. I am thinking now - is it a case where Whitney also time travels?
  8. Was it all during the years she shaded Britney? (Enlighten me brethren and sistren)
  9. Promo for Picassoney on Ellen’s Instagram

    LOL And on the contrary, some people believe she didn't paint at all "She is not touching the canvas." "An artist could never keep her cloths white."