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  1. Yeah, "little monsters", to me, is certainly an interesting name. You have got very right points indeed
  2. I try to not have hard feelings about someone's music taste. Even though, sometimes I hear some music over in my head and I'm like: "Wait , what, that's their favorite?" But I try not to do that. Sometimes it is not even about the music itself, but it can be about how I perceive the artist. Although, I try to be not preconceived. Let's be honest, I know nothing about Gaga, in reality. The problem with me and Gaga is that sometimes she seems kinda far away in her music. For instance, when I listen to Million Reasons, I don't really FEEL that connection so well. But that might just be personal.
  3. I so agree. How can one be insulted about somebody's food taste haha
  4. While she is working on new music, she has no plans to release anything new this year and is instead focusing on live performances.