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  1. Nothing but the truth in her new Instagram post

    this tea will always be fresh.
  2. God knows we all know it to be true
  3. Yes, I remember being excited for Hold It Against Me All these amazing teaserzzz
  4. For me right now this makes my heart so warmee wormee wormee wormee Overall, Britney Jean is therapeutic to me, Britney on point with that, love will.i.am!
  5. Spill your guts! It doesn't have to be on the street, just in a public setting outside your home.. It happened to me quite recently... I have recently taken note that the really old men like to speak to me while I snack on the bench near the supermarket. 1) A week ago one of them said to me that I shouldn't eat that much. 2) Today somebody on the contrary asked me if I had already looked into the trash can. (Or maybe they hinted that I ate too much again? Maybe it was the same man, just with a different face/mask!) All they got from me was a passive "n -no". I think that he looked for a bigger reaction. Weirdos, what can I say, but I also find it extremely hilarious! After I had finished my pilaf today, I right away put on Glory on my mp3 and it made me feel the best, laughing about the situation in the background.