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  1. While she is working on new music, she has no plans to release anything new this year and is instead focusing on live performances.
  2. Cool about your little brother, do you think he just wanted something different? I have sometimes listened to classical music while studying too, just because it can make me concentrate the best. Classical music is great, although I can get tired of it quickly too, unless I am in a special mood. So yeah, it totally depends on my mood. I shall see some youtube video of Kelly Clarkson's lives, just to get a hint. Whenever I can, I am always in the front too. I often go to the concerts that are more rock/metal/punk/industrial. I have also been to minor pop or alternative pop concerts, usually the artists dance at least a little, sometimes they can be extremely expressive without seeming to have a special pre-thought choreography. I would like to see artists like Peaches and CupcakKe. I haven't been to any major pop spectacle, but I am sure that I will highly enjoy it when I will see my first. I promise lol
  3. I'd have to say this: Or MAYBE this: Can't choose As you all know, there are really many amazing remixes for Big Fat Bass What's your fav?
  4. Wow, I can't believe it, I actually enjoyed it... It's so hot in here! I need to have a couple of cooling drinks...
  5. I don't remember using it either. It must be that the saying has emotional value.
  6. Usually I am cheaper, even if just a little. But my biggest one has been Metallica. It was more than ten years ago and with different currency than we have now in our country. Now it would definitely be more than Britney's average
  7. I've paid 80 dollars for Manowar. It was last year.
  8. Adele, among others, has tried very hard to prevent resales of tickets from other sites. Her official site caters for original sales not to touts, and fan-to-fan resale for those who genuinely cannot attend, for never more than their original value. Those picking up tickets, priced at fair levels such as $49.50, may have to show the original confirmation e-mail and further photographic ID proof. Still, hundreds of tickets have appeared on other resale websites for as much as $35,000.
  9. So she does have something in common with Britney after all...
  10. WOW that's a lot
  11. Oh em gee, I am going crazy! I swear that some hours ago, the question about what's good in Thailand was chunked with the wishlist question. And the part where she said the massages are amazing was not present. Either the OP made a copy-paste mistake or I had a visual illusion
  12. I do hope we get some yummy single before new album. The wait for B10 will probably be long.... Maybe it is not even out in 2018.