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  1. too many, can't choose. 90s mariah was life.
  2. can you read? i mentioned the OP who posted three atrocious hair colors (+ photoshopped britney's face). you didn't downvote them. are you pretending you liked those hair colors or...?
  3. one of my fav shootings as well. she looked absolutely stunning. the towel one as well.
  4. yeah, i'm sure that was the only hair color in the thread you didn't like, including the ones the OP posted. you're clearly a hypocrite. not wasting any more time on you
  5. the one in the hair color thread for instance. also, how does tagging an islam-basher help prove your point? might wanna take a look at this thread, the responses and upvotes.
  6. there's a difference between downvoting posts that you don't agree with/find ridiculous and dowvoting posts just bc they're from a specific user.
  7. lmao you're such a pathetic hypocrite. honestly.. it's quite sad how you're following @Erreur 2 La Nature's ass from thread to thread to downvote their posts. get a life.
  8. wtf did you do to her face? f**k off, seriously.
  9. drama queens.
  10. mexico fucked up big time. i'm still pressed, ngl.
  11. ikr! she looked absolutely stunning. marilyn monroe would've been proud.
  12. #46 on iTunes rn the singles collection: #11 hong kong #29 thailand