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  1. I get theres no more countdown but honestly thats the only reason I would even check it out. To get my fave to number one and have friendly stan battles. Without the videos and countdown, it just another talk show with a bunch of nobodies. 


    Yes we can access a video at anytime on youtube but theres bragging rights for a video countdown

  2. For yall using Britney to make Taylor seem better, it didnt take a national tragedy for Britney to do something great for Vegas. She didnt just send someone flowers, she fucking raised 1 million dollars for a childhood cancer facility. So great of Taylor to give someone something that made their day, but lets not down play Britney's compassion and big heart.

  3. 24 minutes ago, Gayseus911 said:

    They had no choice but to get back together, there solo careers were straight up flops, they know they need each other, no shade :staysalty:

    And Nicole better share that mic! :nyschool:

    I think the only way theyd agree to reuniting is if they all get solos but thats not the PCD i know. Im curious to see how this plays out.:nicki2:

  4. I think Demi and Miley wanted to prove they can take out eachother and a legend and its backfiring on them. Shania literally wrote the entire album by herself and co-produced the whole thing. She has to work twice as hard to get her voice back after her life time illness. So proud of her and happy for her. 


    Not gonna lie i was let down by miley and demis albums. Demis is all midtempoa and ballads- thought there would be some bangerz. Mileys is a lil too folky for my liking, but Malibu is a classic.