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  1. This just makes me realize how many female singers are contrived and fake...Beyonce, Gaga (although it seems as of late she's become more genuine), Taylor, and now Katy. Where are all the real bitches? Adele and Britney are my only hope
  2. Vanessa has released two singles between now and her 2008 album. Actually one was released like a month ago.
  3. Please Sharpay sucked off half the basketball team and those workers at Lava Springs. I mean its Disney they can only show so much. By 6th grade i gave bj's to some popular 8th graders cuz i thought i was grown and itd make me popular, which it did, but i should've waited
  4. "Joanne the Scammer: The tale of a messy bitch who loves drama" coming to Netflix 2018 Soundtrack includes the hits: Rihanna- Bitch Better Have My Money Britney Spears- Liar Madonna- Gang Bang
  5. Sad thing is she'd be a huge hit if she had more dance heavy songs like 2 On, but she's trying to stay true to her vision (which i respect and like) and the GP aint here for it. Honestly she should've had the second album closer to 2 On and got some hits, done award shows, and gained a large fanbase. Then experiment with a sound thats closer to her vision as an artist. I mean many artists have done this, Britney, Beyonce, Nsync...ect. Stick to what successful and then evolve the sound.
  6. I wore so much pink and sequin in grade school and was such a bitch to everyone because i thought i was Sharpay. I even have a twin brother. So i ran that school...sharpay is probably the reason i gave so many blowjobs in junior high.
  7. Im so excited. Little Mix gives me vocals for days but 5H gives me massive bops! Now that Camila is gone im ready for them to give me fierce Women pop!
  8. Ive always thought he was hot but he's a bit too try hard. Zayns style and sound seemed organic and genuine to him. This 00's R&B sound comes off forced. And i could care less about seeing Liam naked cuz i feel id be dissapointed Zayn has a fat c*ck and Louis has a fat ass...Liam gives face but i think he's lacking in other areas Where is the eggplant Liam
  9. Ariana must feel so awful. Shes so sweet to her fans, i hope she will be alright. My God in today's society its sad that we get attacks at school, movies, malls, clubs and now concerts. Id be lying if i said i dont look around for exits whenever im in a crowded place, just in case theres an attack. If this happened at a Kardashian event, theyd be on every media outlet and spend months talking about it on their show and using it for all its worth to make a buck.
  10. Thats not true, Thats a false rumor started by the media to kick Britney down. Britney always sings in her concert. Thats a fact.
  11. OMG she's bending her knees! She's back!
  12. The video is from her Baby One More Time single. It was an enhanced CD, so when you put in the computer, video footage would come up. Someone probably ripped it from the CD.
  13. yes she is going. Shes closing the show after Miley with a surprise 12 minute performance of: Make Me, Slumber Party (minus Tinasha), and debuting the final single off Glory, Love Me Down
  14. Honestly a fan made an acoustic version of Not A Girl, and even though Brit is older, I would love for her to sit down and sing that song acoustically. **also i think Make Me would sound killer slowed down and just Britney