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  1. Britney's New Instagram post

    the holy spearit

    i'm pretty sure the wanted was bigger, whoever the hell they were big time rush literally only had a tv show, nothing else

    thought that you wore a brit shirt but it's perez hilton so nvm
  4. Everybody

    i want her to perform that song plus another interlude with sweet dreams
  5. Britney and fans

    is he really a fan after how much he insulted her in 2007/2008?
  6. i mean, she had already heard that same stuff all the time in interviews
  7. I never understood why this

    She didn't look out of shape at all for someone who just gave birth to 2 children in a row. She looked stunning imo. I never saw the outrage. The outfit was bad yeah, nothing POM like though.
  8. Kylie Minogue talks about toxic

    Kylie's real Blackout was IP imo. Sonically, yeah, X is close to Blackout. I love Britney but I view Kylie as a Britney that eventually evolved as an artist. They definitely are alike, from their bubblegum origins, to Kylie's Fever, X, Aphrodite and Body Language, their voices and their performances, although Brit dances harder.
  9. Kylie Minogue talks about toxic

    Now, that Kylie x Brit collab I've been dreaming about for forever
  10. Least favourite songs from Blackout?

    toy soldier and why should i be sad i still love them tho
  11. What do you guys think of Mannequin?

    when circus the album came out i wasn't too much into it overall a year later, well, i realized i liked circus a lot, except for a few songs (mannequin most notably). i didn't get the lyrics, didn't get the vocals, didn't get the melody, didn't get the instrumental. it was so robotic sounding. more years come by, well i love mannequin now and it's probably one of my circus faves (but don't love the others i didn't before, namely shattered glass and out from under)
  12. Do y'all realize prerecorded vocals

    it's because she didn't give a f**k about the songs and would leave tragic messy vocals for the engineers to fix
  13. Do y'all realize prerecorded vocals

    i like pre-recorded because that's what everyone does to trick the public into thinking they actually sing live oops vocals must be the staple here
  14. Do you get excited by new perfume launches?

    private show was hype as f**k the others... i don't even keep up with them, there are probably some i don't know that exist
  15. she was just having fun with a julia roberts cover
  16. yes we did, back in 2008, as all the other glitches and fails in that video
  17. Freakshow, Radar and HIR are legendary, how dare u
  18. that mona lisa demo isn't actually produced by them i think. wasn't the case with the original song that she came up during one of onyx soundchecks and had her band playing along on the spot? the final version is produced by them 100% however.
  19. the secret project = backdrop for tour?

    it's gone just like the original make me choreo
  20. The outfits weren't have been so bad if

    those two are the best outfits, she's serving primeney's looks with the first one. the leotards were the problem
  21. Senior quote

    "Have you ever watched Back to the Future? Is that possible? To time, time travel space? Yes it is Kevin."
  22. Yeah, even the ad lib at the end which is hers sounds like a decent accent.
  23. both, they spent money in radio deals, the promo she didn't succeeded in doing as you said, releasing an album of an artist of her caliber does not come cheap either way