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  1. Blind Gossip: Britney and Kevin??

    when they tryna steal yo food?!??!
  2. Fifth Harmony Announce Indefinite Hiatus

    i still agree with x-factor britney that they werent gonna go far it shocked me they did go far in the show too lol
  3. everyone does that to almost everyone of course you're never gonna see something like about beyonce or xtina right now but it's how they built their brands and attitudes. britney generally doesn't clap back and when she does it does not make news so yeah. honestly, the britney dissing has dwindled. in 2007/2006 you couldn't zap through your tv channels without someone talking trash about britney, kevin and their kids. now there's a thin glowing sense of admiration for her and her legacy, it's there, it's not immune to disses but it's there. reminds me of pink/britney talking about how they met each other. britney brought flowers or something to pink, the next day pink was talking about how she hated her and how she smiled all the time and that it was awful, and when britney was made aware of that she was like "oh i thought you liked me, i was nice to you because i wanted you to like me :(". and now they respect each other. or how avril lavigne and frances cobain were super toxic to britney but nowadays are super chill with her (could say that to many other artists tbh). or the whole xtina """"feud"""" its just how the entertainment industry rolls.
  4. wasnt the will and grace guest appearance the one with the line "bitch you spilled my skittles"?? that was very funny to me
  5. Britney's Outta This World Appreciation!

    sis, blackout might be very electronic-heavy and may have been described as britney being in the background or smthg like that, but if there's something blackout has got that ff/bj/circus has not is those angelic falsetto vocals in otw, bti, perfect lover, heaven on earth. and not even about her falsettos, her voice and attitude was really nice overall. it's an underrated showcase of her fantastic falsettos, even though it's not her best vocal album.
  6. ok i got it the first time may successica always be with you
  7. Was this ever confirmed to be fake?

    it's the first time im seeing this but iirc breathe on me was queued to be single so... in another parallel universe it could be 100% legit this post is brought to you by: a stephen hawking memorial rip
  8. quick, which high couture houses have their hq in new york
  9. i'm joking with u dont drag successica again thx
  10. man i dont like this album name, feels like stripped/back to basics but not iconic
  11. Britney's Outta This World Appreciation!

    flawless track, flawless vocals from britney and keri hilson, it does take me to the stars above
  12. we've already established it's written "piece/part of me"
  13. i think it's just something they put together quick for the vid, don't hype
  14. from herbal essences to candies (in kohl's) to kenzo paris