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    The choreography itself actually isn't bad. Just Taylor can't dance so it makes it look bad lol but Britney who was trained as a dancer and has always been more of a dancer than a singer doesn't dance much better these days soo...
  2. I'm not embarrassed to say I love her but most ppl definitely don't get it these days and I usually have to justify why I like her but I don't care :-/
  3. Even in FF days something looked off

    Lmao I was coming to write this same thing. Who didn't think she looked off during the era?? That was when she looked noticeably different in a major way
  4. BBMA 2016

    I think as fans we have to realize that ppl in GP are still wanting Britney who danced her ass off. Like we think it was a good performance because we know how low the bar is set. But I don't think anyone cared about it because it was just that... a cute performance where she did old hits. That paired with them not using that opportunity to release a new single and waiting too long to even drop the album, it was a huge disappointment.