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  1. I don't get what the main point of the thread is.. just to bring it up? And are u saying JT sexually assaulted Janet with a move they rehearsed for a show?
  2. Britney's New Era (B10+)

    I guess I'm just more of a wait and see (no pun intended) type of fan. Because realistically if she or her team wanted to do more promo, they could. Vegas is a gig she does a few times a week for a bit and then she's off every other month. I think even when it ends, not much will change in terms of how her career is. She doesn't even talk about her music on social media which is prob the easiest medium to reach fans..
  3. Britney's New Era (B10+)

    Vegas isn't the only problem wrong with her brand though
  4. Why Doesn't Brit Do Much Press?

    I think it's obvious after her breakdown she became more reserved in interviews and her team restricts a lot of questions anyway. And the ones she does do, end up being awkward. So I think her anxiety just makes her hate that type of stuff. And if she has nothing to say, it's probably best in my opinion. I don't care to hear about Sam or what cartoons her kids are watching. I wanna hear her talk about her craft, her artist inspirations, her music. The most she says about that is it's cool and a fun vibe. So I don't think we miss much honestly. Just my opinion
  5. Britney is enjoying life

    This. Celebs and even regular ppl manage to do it every day.
  6. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    But none of what's wrong with her stage presence has anything to do with priorities. Your priorities being different as u get older doesn't make you lose rhythm or coordination lol. That's why all the excuses just sound weird. Like ok she doesn't wanna rehearse 23 hours a day every day. Great. But where did her rhythm go? If she still had rhythm or just a natural walking swag instead of the awkward skipping she does, even her worst choreo would look 1000 times better