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  1. Lol this show was huge. Ariana was on another show too with the Sam girl from iCarly. That's how I always knew her before she started singing.
  2. You guys, I didn't choose the word lol. They did. They called the segment insta talking.
  3. I guess because the post was from November or something. So for someone to actually type in your name or search your name and scroll through all your photos from months prior is the stalking part. But it's weird in this case because Cameron hasn't updated it in awhile so it's not like she had to look far. It's more interesting as to why she was randomly looking at Cameron Diaz's page imo lol
  4. She has an image problem. Ppl just aren't checking for her music anymore and that's the issue.
  5. LOL who knew that post would get so much attention? (Sorry if AP!) https://youtu.be/F69g-soS-UI
  6. Well Britney didn't try to become a deep artist. She has deeper material that makes you think but it's what she releases to the public that makes them think she has no substance. It's sad only her fans know how good of an artist she can be.
  7. Is that gif supposed to be an example of Primeney 2.0...? Because... LOL she just needs to loosen up and stop thinking so much. It's like you can see she's counting the steps in her head or something and it makes her look too calculated and stiff. What made Primeney good was she just somehow floated into each move. It's hard to explain.
  8. I honestly think Britney ruined her image all on her own. She didn't need Justin to do that. She was still selling pretty well and still being followed everywhere. Ppl forget she started her rebellious streak. It was still cool to be a Britney fan during the end of Britney era and some of ITZ up until she started going downhill. I was old enough to remember that time and what turned a lot of ppl off was that random Vegas wedding, her meeting KFed and appearing as a homewrecker, Chaotic show, her questionable parenting, having her dogs pooping at photoshoots and not cleaning it up, her partying all night, etc. All of that led to ppl starting to consider her white trash. Not the fact that she had sex at 22 with an ex boyfriend (when everyone with a brain already knew they were having sex tbh).
  9. They probably did. It was a huge kids movie and the promo was everywhere. But then again her boys are getting older and they may be more into fast and furious now and not cartoon stuff. Sean is like a pre-teen.
  10. Yeah I was 14 then. And was following them since I was like 8 so I was really into the tabloids and stuff about them. Plus he was my favorite from *NSYNC so I remember a lot of that time. I know the first single got a lot of flack for being a MJ rip off and ppl didn't like his look in he video with the hat and glove and and stuff but it wasn't like it flopped. Like I said, I'm not saying that he didn't get more attention from talking about Brit. He obviously did. But ppl's notion that he was doing horribly and would have never had a solo career then the video came out and he exploded is just false. His album did really well on billboard five months before that video even premiered and before the song was released later that year. So ppl were still buying his stuff. And I think the difference with him and jc and nick is they just didn't have the star factor. It's like with Britney and Christina. JC sings better but he didn't have the whole package to make ppl care.
  11. He had buzz before CMAR and his album went #2 and eventually #1 months before that video even came out. The album came out like in November and the video not until April believe. So while he did talk badly about Brit and most of his press tour included questions about her, ppl's exaggeration that he'd literally have no career without her is just false. He was doing pretty well before cmar video especially for a former boy band act.
  12. I don't hate Justin. Britney doesn't seem to hate Justin and didn't even stand up for herself when he said things about her/released CMAR. Only they know what happened in their relationship and why he acted like that after they broke up. So maybe she doesn't blame him. Either way, it's not like what he said about her ruined her career. It's not that deep. I'm here for a collab because it's long overdue. They should have been done one (and WILTBM is nice but I need more)