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  1. Beyonce's wiki page

    It's a page that can be edited by literally anyone. It's not that deep lol. Edit it out if you're so angry.
  2. I'm so bored.. gosh

    You don't also listen to other ppl? For me, I love Britney but she's not the only pop star I look forward to. So when she has nothing going on, I listen to the others. Pink has an album coming out soon which has me excited these days and she's been putting on great performances. Give her a shot
  3. Has our fan base turned into Xtina's fanbase?

    I don't think so. Even though it's boring at the moment, we know Britney will eventually release new music. Christina's fans have been waiting on an album forever.
  4. Does anyone have a version of SP without Tinashe?

    If you have the cd, download it on your iPod or phone or something. I don't get what's the problem
  5. Stream Fergie’s New Album ‘Double Dutchess’

    She looks great but her career isn't doing much better than Britney's. She's getting no radio play, she's been trying to release that album for two years, no one cared about those singles despite sexy, nice videos. I'd say the only thing she needs to take notes on is how to be a mom and still be an entertainer because Fergie still gives looks and energy, etc. but career/music, she's in the same flop boat.
  6. I'm here because I've been a fan since I was 7 and I'm 27 now so she's been a big part of my life forever. Doesn't mean I have to find her interesting. I loved her music and performing style that was that, what made me draw into her. That's why I asked in what way does the OP mean interesting because is she personally interesting? Not in my opinion. She seems pretty boring in her everyday life. Is it interesting seeing what new sounds and music she will come up with each era? Yes. But even that isn't super exciting because it starts to fizzle after awhile. And the performing part that made her interesting to me isn't there anymore either. I don't crave a Britney performance like I used to as a kid/teen. But that doesn't mean I'll stop coming here when I've been a fan for 20 years. She's not the only pop star I like either, so when I want excitement I see what they are up to. It is what it is.
  7. I may be in the minority but nothing about her is interesting to me. She seems like a homebody who just chills with her kids and works out. For a pop star, that's not interesting. Unless u mean it in another way but I don't see it :-/
  8. I mean she does have songs she could do. I don't see her being asked though because she's not really tip of anyone's tongue with any music and she isn't exactly legend status to do it just because. It would make more sense if Taylor or Rihanna did it to be honest.
  9. Or leave the liner alone altogether. It will tend to age u. Whenever I think I wanna do a cateye I always end up looking older than I am. some simple mascara will still give that dramatic look she apparently likes
  10. This type of collaboration would just come off as pandering. No thanks.