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  1. It isn't their fault that Britney is mediocre lol. If anything she should have upped the wow factor knowing the order of the show and who she was performing after. I can't believe the same person who was queen of vmas even came up with that zebra puppet show mess
  2. She needs a new look but not this. She never does (or isn't ever allowed) to experiment with her look. So many celebs get to have a new look each era and she sticks to the same blonde. The red hair from circus looked super gorg. She could have an era around a fierce persona like that and rock only red hair lol. It sounds cool
  3. Agreed. And if anything he would have encouraged her to take a break. Especially with how overworked she was.
  4. I honestly don't know how ppl still romanticize stardom. I mean ppl die from the evils of the industry. I feel like that should be enough of a warning. And on the other hand, I always find it interesting how some ppl have a hard time but others come out unscathed and can lead pretty private lives.
  5. I wouldn't. I don't work hard just to waste money. Also, I don't know why Mariah even performs. I understand not always hitting her notes. But this larger than life attitude where she looks over it is such a disgrace to her legacy. Her face literally reads that she doesn't want to be there and thinks she's above whatever show she's doing. That's also how she looked on New Year's Eve. If you're over it or don't care, stop performing. Live off your greatest hits and chill. And those comparing Britney's actual breakdown, losing custody of kids, not being able to have control of her life to Mariah having a flop era and going on TRL giving out ice cream and stripping is soooo apples and oranges.
  6. I know lots of ppl who don't follow their boyfriends on social media.