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  1. But Pink also promoted U + Ur Hand heavily and was on tour with JT which helped its popularity. Britney can't randomly release a song when there is literally no buzz about her or her album and expect it to do well enough that not only will that song become a hit but also the last single. She's gonna release Better and then do what? Just upload more photos of dogs in coffee cups to IG?
  2. Why does everyone think Make Me's video would have magically made ppl care about the song/this era? SP video did nothing for that single even though she looked amazing in it. Like yeah it may have helped but it wasn't going to be the end all be all ppl think it would have been. Britney has a brand problem that needs to be worked on first before ppl care about her again.
  3. I just don't understand how everything just got worse as she got further into her career. This is when everything should be amazing now that she's established. But now if we get a good photo shoot it's like a shock.
  4. He's no angel but Britney also isn't blameless for their relationship. Literally everyone with common sense tried to warn her. She thought she knew better, she was out here paying for everything, flying him to see her, proposing to him, etc. I think she was just desperate for a family and lonely and that clouded judgment but she's not without fault for how that ended . Kevin just turned out to be the person everyone knew he would be, except Britney.
  5. For her not to release it until her and her team gets it together and actually want to give her the pop star treatment.
  6. I'm always conflicted about that. Like I fully believe her parents saved her. There was no sign of her getting better had they not swooped in. She wasn't thinking about getting herself help for her kids. Her parents had to force her to. I think her kids are the reasons she turns her c-ship situation into a positive now and why she's in a good place because she's a mom. But back then? I think her parents kept her alive. Britney was out partying every night and with the wrong crowds.
  7. We all know and can see she has bad plastic surgery. And there are tons of pictures of her looking older than her age. Britney's looks are either hit or miss sometimes. We have examples of that.. Pointing that out isn't negativity. Sorry I don't have my head up Britney's anus like you guys do.
  8. She says she was only with him because she wanted a family basically. I think she was just desperate and blinded by that. She was also rebelling and smelling herself big time and everyone telling her it wouldn't work probably made her wanna be with him even more. Now she probably only loves him as the father of her children. But back then? I doubt she was actually deep in love with him. More like infatuation in my opinion.