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  1. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    That's not how that works. You don't consider someone your best friend just because of their distance to you lol. I don't have to physicially see my best friend to still know everything happening in her life and how she's doing and be there for her through anything. That qualifies a best friend. Not them being around the corner. If that were the case ppl we work with would be our best friends since we spend the most time with coworkers each day/week. But that's not the case
  2. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    I don't get this thread at all. We've never seen her hanging out with tons of ppl like that so it's clear that's not her personality. In her prime, she was with Justin or Fe often. When she was with Kevin, she hung with him all the time. Same with other boyfriends in recent years and now she hangs with her kids. Then once in awhile we'd get a few pics of her with her hometown girlfriends. But it's not like she had tons of girlfriends and now she's this secluded person. The only time we saw her going out partying with girls like that was when she wasn't well. So I don't see a huge difference in how her life is depicted now to then.
  3. It's like two different people..

    I get this but it was her first time performing on the VMAs. if anything, I'd imagine u remember those major first moments. But everyone is different.
  4. Britney should ask BF Kim K to help with her style...

    Britney's style isn't totally awful. She just usually looks a mess and makes whatever she's wearing look tacky tbh. Kim has off looks too tbh but because she's always glam with no hair out of place and her makeup is flawless, the whole look tends to look great. Britney will put on a dress and heels and not even bother to brush her hair or wash her face, ruining the whole outfit. It's weird
  5. People are seriously comparing 2004ney & 2018ney

    I think ppl just like to see Britney as the victim. As if her team and label want her to flop so they lose money? Of course not. And even if her team is the majority of the problem or just stunt her growth, there are so many little things she could do to promote interest in her brand. It makes no sense she had more photos of paintings and memes instead of promotional material for her new album. She could do IG lives on her singing her Glory songs or doing fan contests or sharing ppl's reaction vids to glory and instantly making those moments viral. Those things are super simple and still strategic and prob would have done more for that era. But no, she'd rather be twirling in pretty dresses.