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    Britney Spears
    Ariana Grande
    Demi Lovato
    and jensen ackles as dean winchester and norman reedus as daryl dixon
    and i like horror movies and etc music like rihanna and kelly clarkson

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  1. What do you guys think of my new username???

    i changed my username from britney980 to MyBabyGonLoveMeDown, love me down is one faves and one of my jams off britneys ninth album glory.. let me know if i should keep it! see ya'll later
  2. You guys i changed my username.

  3. Hey. its been a long time,

    hey im rachel usernme MyBabyGonLoveMeDown anyway im not so new anymore, plus i shouldve done when i signed up, i have been a britney fan since i was introduced to her music back in 2004/05 somewhere around there i know it was in the mid 2000s... my first cd bought was my prerogative the greatest hits and my friend liked britney and forgot her baby one more time cd, i kept it... and i know it sounds stupid, well anyway my fave colors are Black, Green, Red, Pink. the shades that go good with black and i like other singers
  4. Britney - Glory Demo: "Peek A Boo" - Snippet

    you won't know for sure till the full demo/song leaks and i have a good feeling thats britney singing the demo version anyway, later!
  5. Britney - Glory Demo: "Peek A Boo" - Snippet

    i need to hear britneys version!!! the full song with britneys vocals please leak in good sound like hq or CDQ, honestly i just need to hear it!! you have to leak the whole song!!