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  1. They're disrespectful towards us for sure. Remember Larry's "It just didn't work" comment after the whole Make Me (original video) situation? After teasing fans on Instagram and even having Perez Hilton tease the video? Along with many other things. BUT, you guys believed these rumors. 1st, what the f*ck is "Apple Pie" and are we sure it's really a thing or are we just assuming things based on rumors and apple emojis? 2nd, there have been no official confirmation or even teasers of anything other than non-official twitter accounts. Personally, I don't care whether they deny or confirm these rumors. If it's supposed to be a surprise release then let it be a surprise release. I'm so glad I haven't believed or invested my time and energy with these rumors, I don't even believe there's an Apple Pie/Tree to begin with, I'd rather wait and see/hear for myself when something is officially released.