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  1. Did Make Me mv ruin Glory era?

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I've said it a million times and I'll keep saying. It kinda did actually. First, it took too long for them to release it so we were extremely hyped and ready to be slayed at any given moment. Then, that mess came out and I was totally overwhelmed, bored and kinda felt second-hand embarrassment. I was still slayed by Glory but had no hope for this era at all. It started and ended wrong.
  2. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    Or maybe go to a better doctor who can inject these fillers and make them look more natural. I tried it once and got great results, too bad it dissolved within 2 week
  3. On this day... 10/18 & 10/19 CANDIDS

    She looks gorgeous and hot
  4. This. Just try to relax and be friendly and pleasant. And please share your experience and tell us all the details Also tell her to release Blackout 2.0
  5. Find out your Blackout rank

    Mine is super accurate BTI is my sh*t. RANK SONG 1 Break the Ice 2 Gimme More 3 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 4 Piece of Me 5 Get Back 6 Toy Soldier 7 Freakshow 8 Radar 9 Perfect Lover 10 Heaven On Earth 11 Hot As Ice 12 Ooh Ooh Baby 13 Why Should I Be Sad 14 Outta This World 15 Everybody
  6. I can understand why Rihanna is #1 'cause her songs are c*nts but the rest? How is JT, Pink, Katy Perry and Maroon 5 higher than Britney and Gaga? I'm not even a huge fan of Gaga but at least I can say she's had better/more memorable songs than at least Katy and Maroon 5.
  7. I'm aware it's her best song. I'm just saying. They say Toxic and that's it, no knowledge of many other Britney gems, kind of a boring response to me personally
  8. THIS. Plus, Ooh La La is a chipmunky mess and the video was super cheesy (not in a charming way) Radar was pointless. I also agree that Criminal is very bland. I actually wanted Outrageous to be a single but I wish she never got injured.
  9. While I appreciate this, basically everyone says "Toxic" is their favorite Britney song. At this point it's very predictable and cliche
  10. Britney's New Era (B10+)

    Vegas is only a tiny part of the problem. Britney has become very comfortable doing the minimum for a long time, that's her problem. This is probably impossible at this point but there are a lot of things she could do: 1. Better promo. Instead of promoting her vegas show on the BBMAs, iHeart, AMF etc. she could have performed new songs from Glory 2. Loosen up for god's sake. She moves awkwardly on stage and does not seem to have rhythm like she used to. She barely moves her legs too. Maybe get a better choreographer and work harder on the dance moves? She should be able to perform and get positive reactions instead of people calling her stiff and robotic 3. Here's a crazy thought... why not SING more often? It's ridiculous that live singing is not an option 99.9% of the time. She lost people's respect as artist/singer. Whenever someone casually calls her an artist or singer people tear that person apart, mainly because she lip syncs all the time, does not really dance that good and has a reputation for not writing her songs (or her hit songs mainly). She could easily sing the verses for most of her song, add dance breaks when it's convenient and mime during the dance break, not really hard, she's not a shitty singer, she could do it if she tried. 4. I don't know if this is relevant, but we can all agree she's an easy target for regular people AND some celebs. People just casually shade her without thinking about it. Sometimes her silence doesn't do any good. It's good to take the high road, but sometimes she needs to draw the line and let some people know that they've crossed it.
  11. She looks gorgeous in these, especially the 2nd and 3rd pics
  12. Normally these M&G pics look horrible but she looks fine in this particular pic, don't know why people are so negative. These are not the worst comments I've read. Some people actually think she's in her 50s I'm assuming it's a mixture of a lot of thing: Meds, bad makeup, too much sun exposure and probably her genes because Jamie Lynn is in her 20s but look at least 38 tbh.