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  1. Oops | SNL - Live vocals

    I haven't seen the rehearsal but this performance is one of my favorites from her. The fact that she sang and danced really well. https://ok.ru/video/34045758014 (full video fo the performance for anyone who can't find it on YT or don't have the DVD "Live & More") I think she could do it if she tried. I feel like her vocals are still really good and she still has potential. She just needs to improve her technique, find the right sound for her and control her breathing in my opinion. Her voice is still there.
  2. I know how she feels. I've been locked out once but no one was in the house to open the door for me so ...
  3. But she's an actual snake herself so how would that work?
  4. Was she throwing shade towards Lindsay though? "You're not on the list" "Sure" After the interviewer says she's doing well lol