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  1. She got a standing ovation from Janet Jackson

    Love this performance
  2. Spontaneous/spur-of-the-moment Queen
  3. She is successful mainly because of us, but we don't own her. She doesn't owe us, she just needs to do her job and aim for more success. Then again, anybody that starts a business and makes a lot of profit can say the customers made him/her successful, we never say that we bought them. So why do we think we can BUY a person just because we bought their stuff? I would be offended and possibly angry if I started any kind of successful business and a person walks up to me and say they bought me But I guess what you're saying is that we need her and she needs us and it's mutual so yeah, true.
  4. 100% PROOF That Myah Sang Work Bitch

    Mariah doesn't sing like she used to but people call her a legend. Also, a lot of people are forgetting the bashing Whitney got because her vocals supposedly weren't as good in her more recent years, she's also a legend. Even MJ faced some criticism like not dancing the way he used to dance and so on. Nobody can say he isn't a legend. Although everything else you said is very true, that doesn't mean her past work (which made her the icon that she is) can be forgotten just because she's not the same these days. And this is coming from someone who's complained A LOT about the constant lip syncing and lack of dancing. About this topic. I find it really embarrassing that they thought using another person's voice would be okay. It just shows how careless Britney and her team can be. Thank god for Glory tho, hope there's no fuckery with B10.