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  1. send this to team B right now!
  2. joe sp

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    SHE NEEDS A HIT! I hope the song is good mainstreamney, latiney come thru bb
  3. Britney won´t care anyway, she´s probably gonna buy the album
  4. joe sp

    other Glory and youtube ?????

    Ask her smart team
  5. joe sp

    exhale New Xtina -- thoughts??

    The title of the album "Liberation" sounds so cliche to me. It reminds me of Ashanti's desperate attempt at that album "The Declaration." (It could just be the title, but I'm not into it). makes more sense than Glory
  6. joe sp

    exhale Blackout Quiz

  7. joe sp

    music Could Britney be preparing a visual album?

    we all know she´s gonna give us just two videos again