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  1. BJ sold over a miillion????????
  2. Isla.

    music JKL - Vote for Your Favorite Songs

    Just Luv Me Kill the Lights Lonely
  3. I don't hold high opinions on Circus but it's not that bad. It's not her best album, but it's not her worst, but overall it still has some good songs on it. Re the songs you mentioned: Mmm Papi and My Baby are awful. Rock Boy is meh. But I like Lace and Leather, Rock Me In and Trouble. And Radar is always gonna be a Blackout track to me.
  4. Isla.

    news Rap Star Bhad Bhabie loves Britney

    She's annoying lol. But Gucci Flip Flops went off a bit.
  5. Isla.

    Can you be openly gay but then turn bi?

    This is kinda me. I'm a straight female but I am still very curious. I don't identify as bi and don't see myself having a relationship with a woman but I'm interesting in experimenting with them.
  6. Isla.

    music Is it time to get drunk tonight!

    I'll have to see cause I'll be mobile browsing later
  7. I'd say: 1. BOMT 2. Toxic 3. OIDIA 4. Slave 5. Womanizer
  8. Isla.

    other Best album covers

    YESS not only are you a fan of Britney and Em (discussion in the OIDIA thread you made) but you love Paramore too After Laughter was an amazing album, and severely overlooked. I can't believe it didn't get a Grammy nom.
  9. Castle is one of the best songs on Revival, so fair play to you
  10. Isla.

    other Best album covers

    Oh I thought this was going to be about Britney's albums I think her best album covers are Blackout and BJ. I love Gaga's The Fame Monster and Joanne's covers. Oh and can we talk about Paramore? All of their album covers are amazing.
  11. Isla.

    music Is it time to get drunk tonight!

    Lol I'm in the UK so I don't think I can watch it. A shame
  12. Mick Jagger said himself he liked Britney's version. Obviously the Rolling Stones' version is superior but Britney's was very good, and she made the song her own. Hers was very different as well as it was more pop sounding. Ahh good to see a fellow Eminem fan, well are you still a fan? Revival wasn't as bad as it's made out to be if I'm being honest. And yes Circus era was a great time to be a fan, I saw Womanizer video and then Britney's performance of the song on X Factor and I became interested, listened to Circus (song) and If U Seek Amy and then I brought the Circus album and the rest was history.
  13. Those were the only albums I listened to when I became a fan too (I also became a fan during the Circus era) But yeah OIDIA is a really solid teen pop album. It's only Dear Diary and the bonus tracks I don't really like. Also I'm glad to see some appreciation of her version of Satisfaction! I've always loved it and it's so overlooked on here!! And What U See should have been a single
  14. Isla.

    music Is it time to get drunk tonight!

    Oh shiittt I forgot the BBMAs were tonight lol.
  15. Fair enough, seems odd there's no explanation though.