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  1. I feel like this can still happen if the photographer owns the rights. I remember learning about this last year in one of my lectures.
  2. What did you just do? :O

    Good thinking! Although my dissertation is not actually on the public's view on fake news... although I'll get some statistics online for my research. Going to be comparing some newspapers with social media and how newspapers are distancing themselves from social media due to this spread of fake news... it's gonna take a while for me to write though
  3. What did you just do? :O

    Oh well I haven't started on my dissertation yet it's just the proposal I've done so far. My actual dissertation is not due until the end of April next year. My proposal was a word document because all my assignments have to be uploaded online
  4. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

  5. What did you just do? :O

    Haha yes I'm a good student. I put a lot of effort in. I would love to get a good grade for my dissertation. It is on fake news during the 2016 US Presidential election, how traditional news organisations are distancing themselves from social media as more credible sources
  6. I need this emote but bigger

    Wait is it? It doesn't look like her to me
  7. The tweet says ‘hearing a rumour’
  8. Interscope = a lot of artists are on this label and seem to do better than Britney. And actually have teams behind them they care. Like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Eminem Atlantic = it's known to give artists more artistic freedom. See Kelly Clarkson and Rita Ora who are both now on the label
  9. What did you just do? :O

    I submitted my dissertation proposal tonight. It's due on Wednesday. It only counts for 10% of my dissertation grade though lol.
  10. Oh wait I just realised it's pandora. They've said stuff before in the past that was fake.
  11. Colombia is still Sony. I would rather she moved to Interscope or Atlantic
  12. Winners And Highlights From The 2017 AMAs

    Lol heard of her but couldn't name any of her songs if you asked me to
  13. Winners And Highlights From The 2017 AMAs

    Oh yeah you do have a point. Who else was nominated in the category again? Yeah apart from Wild Thoughts Rihanna hasn't done much this year.
  14. Winners And Highlights From The 2017 AMAs

    He's 18? But yeah seems a bit odd haha Wasn't expecting Gaga to win best pop/rock female artist.
  15. They actually got her to perform?
  16. WHY DID I MISREAD 'POM HIDEOUS COSTUMES' AS 'PORN HIDEOUS COSTUMES' The Providence and Kansas City audition looks were my favourite that year. She looked great. Some of the makeup looks for some of them weren't great though (Oakland auditions) I like these ones too.
  17. Charles Manson is Dead at Age 83