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  1. stan Loona

    I showed my sister this thread and she agrees.

    I don't think they ever hated each other. It was the media and a big PR stunt.
  3. Or Brave New God, I will not see ANY defamation for that song on this forum!
  4. Well my prediction was wrong. Still my fave song from BOMT
  5. Okay I just realised I didn’t give IWBT a 10. Oops.
  6. Prediction: 1. BOMT 2. BTMYH 3. YDMC 4. Sometimes
  7. Scream and Shout and If I'm Dancing? (On a side note, Body Ache is on my gym playlist and it is good to work out to. I am not sorry)
  8. Non Singles

    BOMT - I Will Be There OIDIA - What U See Britney - Cinderella ITZ - Showdown or Don't Hang Up (although that song is extremely unlikely) Blackout - Toy Soldier or Hot As Ice Circus - Kill the Lights or Unusual You FF - Inside Out BJ - Til It's Gone or Hold On Tight Glory - Just Luv Me
  9. Or for another legitmate reason such as being involved in an accident or tramautic event, having money stolen from you etc.
  10. Well that should be soon right? It’s the 16th now
  11. Clumsy is a BOP and I don’t understand the hate it gets tbh.
  12. If it closes on the 16th, when are the results?