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  1. 5 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    Well I hope that you did well on it! I'm not taking classes but I know that week before Xmas is always a doozy. At least ya get to chill for a little bit.

    Plenty of time for slumber parties here on exhale ;) 

    Haha thanks! And yeah I wish, I still have two assignments to do over Christmas and revision for my January exam but I’ll manage! It’s Christmas after all :) 

  2. 6 hours ago, riccus said:

    what is net neutrality ? Man I searched and try to understand  what the hell is it but nobody can tell it simply.


    So does American internet companies   gonna  cost higher than the actual price. And with the new law , that became reality? 

    So basically poor people won't able to get into internet anymore?

    I think so. It has to do with freedom of speech online as well. Well the US ain’t fucking China or North Korea so :gloria: 

  3. 1 hour ago, Iexpectyouto said:

    I feel like I read somewhere that the Pepsi deal had something to do with them not going with the clear channel deal, but idk.

    and to answer your second question, her chart success would've been much, much stronger. Slave, Not a Girl, and I believe boys were all top 10 hits in several markets, including the U.K. Now Britney's singles always did better in the U.K. and other markets than the US, but slave almost certainly would've been a top 10, not a girl and the other singles would've easily been top 20s/40s. This in turn might have bumped the Britney album's sales a bit more, but probably not by much. 

    I agree tbh. Slave probably would have gone top 10 had it not been for that stupid ban. 

  4. No? I mean the show got cancelled the following year after the 3rd season aired, it didn't do well ratings wise compared to The Voice. And The Voice aired the same day Britney's season premiered. I remember everyone on here had a meltdown over the ratings.