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  1. Britney's Best Album (1999-2007)

    Blackout > Britney > ITZ > OIDIA > BOMT
  2. Britney Tour Promo In UK Cities

    Britneypool Blackoutpool
  3. Song lyrics

    The lyrics are quite good actually
  4. *NSYNC Is Reuniting! But There's A Catch...

    This is gonna be cute, can’t wait
  5. Britney Spears Shadow

    I’m sorry but I thought this thread was going to be about the song. GOODBYE
  6. What is Britney's best album? (2008-2016)

    Glory by far. If I had to rank them: Glory > FF > Circus > BJ
  7. Your FÄV song?

    Atm, Yes by Louisa.
  8. I'm sorry but when she brought the umbrella incident
  9. Okay THIS I'm ready for Overprotected to win
  10. OMG I AM SLAYED. Seriously, Britney looks effin incredible in all of these shots! Such a queen. And I love the clothes, but they're probably so expensive
  11. Fifth Harmony Announce Indefinite Hiatus

    Tbh I'm not surprised. I always had a feeling ever since Camila left they'd do one more album then call it quits. They didn't do well last era either.