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  1. It did well internationally at the time but I think most of the GP have forgotten it tbh.
  2. Eminem more relevant than Britney?

    Maybe but Revival is getting very mixed reviews. People saying he sold out and stuff. Which I suppose is kinda true to an extent but if these people wanted to work with him I don't see the problem, and I think they sound good on their respective songs. I think the album's fine honestly. Also Remind Me (which samples ILRNR - not Britney's version though) is one of the best songs on the album.
  3. I loved this show and I'm still bitter I never won tickets. Can't believe it's been a year
  4. Did britney save X factor?

    No? I mean the show got cancelled the following year after the 3rd season aired, it didn't do well ratings wise compared to The Voice. And The Voice aired the same day Britney's season premiered. I remember everyone on here had a meltdown over the ratings.
  5. Randee reuses the FF photoshoot set

    I wouldn't be surprised if this happened
  6. Secret Project?

    Hmm maybe it's something special for the final show. I wouldn't wanna say they're continuing it into 2018 just yet.
  7. Randee reuses the FF photoshoot set

    Wtf, this is so lazy
  8. Much better than Revenge but can’t help but feel it sounds like Pink feat. Eminem.
  9. Yess I love the Radar pixl art! I’m glad you added the Radar horse to it
  10. Mmm not bad he is two years younger than me though ddd
  11. Europe Tour 2018

  12. I'm a massive Gaga fan and I kinda agree. Still think Poker Face is her best.
  13. I don't think they ever recorded it. I can't imagine them singing it at all.
  14. Yet he managed a girl group who he marketed as 'the new Spice Girls' that ended up flopping... what is wrong with him
  15. I remember reading he wanted to give it to Five, but he was told it was too late because it was 'given to a new artist called Britney Spears'. Apparently he said 'who's gonna have a hit with a name like that?'
  16. What Tours Have You Been To?

    Oh that’s unlucky!
  17. What Tours Have You Been To?

    You didn’t go to OIDIA/DWAD/BTW Ball
  18. I will admit yes. Mainly because most people my age don’t like her or still think she’s crazy. But my best friends know I’m a fan and understand, one of my best friends likes quite a few of her songs anyway.
  19. I like it!! TTWE should be on the setlist too though.
  20. New Ellen Von Unworth photo

    I haven't seen this before, she looks fierce