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  1. Can we get some love for track please?

    One of my fave unreleased songs from her. It’s a shame only her fanbase know about it, it’s up there as one of her best ballads, some really emotional and relatable lyrics. Britney’s vocals on this song are great too.
  2. This isn't an announcement, The Sun are speculating
  3. LOL this is stupid. I'm glad I voted remain
  4. Britney Playing Demos In Her Car

    NNNNNNN I always thought that gif made him look like he was getting a blowjob
  5. Britney Playing Demos In Her Car

    Yep although Rebellion hasn’t leaked in full. OP says there was a song ‘that wasn’t released’ technically none of them were but I feel like they meant one that hasn’t leaked? Those four songs are all I can hear from the video though...
  6. This is the 2nd thread made today about this
  7. was any other tour announced today by someone else?
  8. This is great, the performance works very well with the song
  9. Why so much hate for My Baby?

    YES Although if My Baby never made the album and was just a confirmed unreleased track I think most people on here would be like 'Oh My Baby sounds like an interesting title, the song is apparently about her sons, I really wish it would leak '
  10. Why so much hate for My Baby?

    I mean it has potential but I personally think it's boring and not as emotional compared to Everytime and Someday. And most people don't like a certain lyric in the first verse.
  11. You forgot Amnesia I voted for Get Back, also one of my all time fave bonus tracks from her
  12. That beard makes him look more country than ever
  13. Glory Alternate Tracklist

    I actually think Glory has one of her most consistent album tracklists. I do agree though that What You Need is the most appropriate closing track.