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  1. Nintendo Switch

    I want one. It's kinda expensive here though.

    Knowing her team this would never happen
  3. On this day... 10/17 CANDIDS

    She was slaying in 2003! And I love 2013 too.

    More proof that DYWCO should have been a single
  5. Oh not the same one as me. I'm sure you'll have a great time though
  6. On this day... 10/16 CANDIDS

    2013 was a great day!
  7. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

    Lol no, Britney wasn't the first to do that pose, I'm sure there's other artworks out there that are similar.
  8. Britney songs not in 4/4 time

    Still confused haha. I never did well in music at school.
  9. Yeah I know that! Which date are you going to though?
  10. Is it really Ready For It? I actually really like that song, which is a first for Taylor because I've never really cared for her music in the past. But whenever I listen to that song I always associate it with sporting events, maybe because she previewed it during an American football game and it has that 'baby let the games begin' line at the end, so I feel like the video for that song would be more appropriate if it was filmed in a stadium or something like that. Also isn't it only a promo single? It's cool she came to my city and filmed the video in a kebab shop though nnnn
  11. Which O2 date are you going to? I'm going to the first one on the 4th! You COULD see me there
  12. Me too, 2nd time seeing her live, so excited!! And the tour was looking great so far, really good setlist and costumes!
  13. FUN irrelevant FACT!

    Haha I'm sorry, I totally missed your post! On topic: When I Found You is such a sweet ballad. In fact all of the bonus tracks on Britney are really good. I can see what you mean about Better sounding like WIFY at the beginning.
  14. FUN irrelevant FACT!

    Oops my bad, thought it was the first post to bump it