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  1. B-Army awards

    Me, because I'm from London
  2. Help !

    I can't see this video either, where is it available?
  3. I'm more concerned about their choice of picture? I share my birthday with: Sarah Harding Jonathon Ross RuPaul Danny DeVito Rachel McAdams Kim Yu-gyeom (my sister would kill me if I didn't put this here, she's made it very clear one of her fave K pop stars shares my birthday with me nnnn) Jeff Buckley (RIP)
  4. Pick the album poll!

    Blackout and Glory
  5. Britney’s never been with Universal though. Further poof this is fake.
  6. I noticed that but if you click the link to the forum post it was posted in 2007.
  7. Yeah I already posted the link above, it only got to #13 in July 2004.
  8. If it's fake that looks really well made lol.
  9. I always felt like the video would have been better had she not been naked in it. In fact, the director's cut with just the closeup of her face is better. I always thought the We Can't Stop and Dooo It videos were worse (and I hope she regrets those more). And this. Who allowed this?
  10. What Tours Have You Been To?

    Hey Gaga's is still happening next year! Tbh I wasn't surprised when I heard it was postponed, she had already been hospitalised a few days earlier and had to miss Rock In Rio. I'm glad Gaga's better now and well enough to perform again. I'm seeing her in February! And Dangerous Woman Tour got cancelled for a good reason, although tbh I do feel like Ariana could have always rescheduled the dates for much later when she was ready to perform again.
  11. - Because it's gone on for too long - International fans like me can't afford it - The costumes - The dancing etc.