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    Music, writing, sleeping, eating and drinking. (As you do)
  1. This. It sounds like a fluent Spanish speaker to me.
  2. I’m going to the first London date (24th August) block 412 row R
  3. Here Are The Winners At The 2018 BRIT Awards

    Ddd at Ed not winning British male or album.
  4. Okay but really, Jordan (Miller) is the founder of Breatheheavy.
  5. Not yet. I wouldn't worry about that yet though. They can actually take up to 5 days before the event (!!) to be delivered.
  6. Oh I wish my best friend was coming, he says he likes Britney but he says he can't afford it And no I'm not in the whatsapp group! Should I be a part of it though?
  7. I think it could have stood a good chance, but it sounds very similar to Wake Me Up. Anyone remember the obsession Jordan had for this song in 2014?
  8. It's part of level 4 and they were the cheapest seats. And yeah I'd be up for that! I'm sure all of us who are going to the date are planning on a get together for drinks beforehand
  9. I'm going! I'm sitting in level 4C though because I couldn't afford those seats unfortunately. I paid £70 for my seat (including service charges). I'm going by myself.
  10. And MATM #2. Tbh it never really made sense to me but she did release at a very competitve time.
  11. Fiendly reminder ITZ only got to #13. And that was during her peak. She is the queen of #2 albums (BOMT, OIDIA, GH:MP, Blackout, Glory)
  12. Lol yes. This relationship will not end well.
  13. Is that the same guy from her ‘announcement’ video? I feel like he’s not really that into her.