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  1. her hand D:

  2. her hand D:

    When she first started the residency she was definitely more into it. Now she looks great and in shape, she might be a little more precise dance-wise but she lacks of stage presence. Sometimes I look at her perform and she seems to be delivering a show for kids. She is cute and all but Britney's always been FIRE performing, that's what she was known for. Now she is always smiling or doing weird faces that usually ruin the sexy vibe of the show.
  3. I want nice things to happen but nice things rarely happen to us when it comes to Britney, so I guess we'll better off hiding the hype pretending it's the new fragance commercial so we don't freak out afterwards
  4. her hand D:

    I'm actually more worried about her attitude throughout the whole video than her hand movements. Girl looks surprised all the time. She lost the fierce and bold personality she once had on stage.