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  1. France: Britney on 50 minutes inside

    announcement coming later today
  2. Which is your favorite Japan bonus track?

    OTW was target edition
  3. Where is this shoot from?

    god i fucking wish
  4. Your Britney room decor

    just put this up recently
  5. Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

    I... thought it was obvious that the secret project was a commercial announcing the tour during the super bowl why do you guys believe anything else?
  6. Rare Vegas Merch?

    I got this britney sweatshirt I'd never seen before for Christmas 2016 and I was wondering if anyone else owns this? It's not listed on her online store or any other retail store and I've also never seen anyone post a picture of it or wearing it. It has the Britney Spears label so it's official merch, so why haven't I seen it before? Was it a limited in-store exclusive? WHAT'S THE TEA ON THIS SWEATSHIRT
  7. xray has all other sets from this shoot except this one lol xray is always hit or miss though, i'm sure they'll be back up in a few months
  8. omg i love this shoot, when did we get these new outtakes? love the cover btw
  9. Has anyone ever ordered from iceposter.com?

    I think it should be fine? I didn't have any issues with my print.
  10. Rare Vegas Merch?

    ya my sister went Dec 2016 which is when she bought it for me. maybe it was only sold in stores for a few months?
  11. Rare Vegas Merch?

    lol i like it, i always prefer dark britney over tacky britney
  12. U want a tropical latin song?

    Ugh no that just screaaaaammmmmsssss desperate. Every artist hopping on the latin music trend is just trying to get a hit. It would probably pull great numbers but it's just not original at this point. I don't want her following generic trends, the song will age like milk
  13. Has anyone ever ordered from iceposter.com?

    You're best off using another printing service like vistaprints. You can upload your own image in the highest quality to ensure it won't arrive pixelated or blurry. I recently ordered this print in 18x24 it was only $20 after shipping and fees
  14. New Britney Sweatshirt at Forever21 (21MEN)

    They're actually releasing good merch omg I was so fucking sick of this soccer mom merch we've been getting the past 5 years they're targeting a cooler and younger audience and i'm 100% here for it, britney desperately needs some street cred
  15. Is it ok to a concert by yourself?

    I live in the US and I really want to see her Euro tour and i'm considering going alone
  16. It's so worth it. UO is always really good quality. It's really soft and warm i've washed mine a few times and it still looks great. I wanna buy an extra one it's literally asian tour merch for only $55. other artists sell sweatshirts for $70+ it's honestly my favorite merch she's ever had, her other stuff is so tacky