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  1. AMA 2017!!

    except not, this is their debut US television performance
  2. where does kelly fit into this
  3. Mood Ring

    Sorry, I only have 320kbps version
  4. I would be really excited if Britney worked with PC music producer, SOPHIE. PC music is on the brink of making it mainstream- SOPHIE co-produced Bitch I'm Madonna, Charli XCX dabbled in it for her past two projects, and so did rapper Vince Staples on his latest album. The beats are always really fun and rubbery but also still sound very aggressive. I think it'd be cool to see what SOPHIE does with Britney's vocals. They use vocals like an instrument and distort them and I think Britney's voice would be perfect for this. It fits her brand of fun, care free dance music but dabbling in PC music would still evolve her sound. I think in this song Trophy, Charli kind of sounds like Britney around the pre-chorus at 0:32. It gives you a good general idea what Britney would sound like on a SOPHIE track
  5. Noah dropping bop after bop after bop Who would've thought noah would be the cyrus to feed our pop needs this year
  6. AMA 2017!!

    Love watching people with no knowledge or experience with kpop bash it. True ignorance.
  7. Tony Bennett Hints At New Lady Gaga Collaboration

    Can't wait for ARTPOP II's electronic country jazz genre
  8. i'm sick of these desperate attempts for hits. Despacito was only big bc bieber fans are rampant