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  1. can someone edit a gun in her hand lmao
  2. Omg my dad's old girlfriend had this version in her 2003 honda accord i just got the biggest flashbacks omg
  3. New Britney Shirt

    love the black marble color, but i'm sick of 90's britney
  4. OMG yesssss! I'm seeing Marshmello Oct. 27 I hope he plays their song
  5. Taylor Swift Previews New Song “Gorgeous”: Listen

    Can't wait for her 2nd #1 single off Reputation
  6. Think I read somewhere she's already racked 600k preorders... not confirmed though, but her last 3 albums have all opened with 1M+
  7. you guys are all fucking psychos all she's doing is trying to build hype for the album. she's ditching the classic form of promo (performances, interviews, press, etc) and using mystery to keep people speculating, which keeps people talking. whoever's behind her marketing campaign is a modern genius
  8. kelly or xtina, either way it's going to be a scream-fest anyone know any good deals on earplugs?