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  1. Is the blonde girl supposed to be Britney ?? Because it is obviously not her.
  2. Kim is trashy. Britney just needs some advice to know how to match her clothes, she looks fine with simple and basic clothing tbh she doesn't need to look like a stripper just to go shopping or something
  3. Stronger at the AMA's, which is imo her best one and better than every VMA performance.
  4. Britney should guest judge on RPDR

    No thanks, i think her image has been too gay-ish recently i mean i'm just tired of her attaching her image to gay stuff all the time so i wouldn't be interested in that at all. But the most important thing is that she has no vocabulary and she doesn't know how to explain herself, so her being in that show would be a joke, not in a good way tho and she always makes lot of stereoptypes when she's talking about gay people so it's best she doesn't go on that show.
  5. It's like two different people..

    Yeah i got this feeling too, like it's 2 different person. I have a hard time to imagine primeney being like currentney, currentney like primeney. The way she behaves, everything it's just like it's not the same person. The fact that her face looks so different doesn't help either. When i'm watching performances now i'm like, who's this ? Where is Britney ? Where's the attitude ? I mean even when she serves attitude, i don't know it's just doesn't feel the same. There's something weird and that changed in her. I can't explain.
  6. That song may be good for a teenage girl yeah.. please Britney is 36yo she deserves better sounds that this piece of trash lmao.
  7. That will never happen with him lol