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  1. Wendy Williams: Kevin Deserves More Money

    Do you Americans actually watch this?
  2. Best to Worst: Perfume Edition

    Yayyy thank you I find fantasy so childish so hoping the others are more mature
  3. Best to Worst: Perfume Edition

    I am still collecting them all, Ive only tried like 4... and I'm a girl im such a flop But Island Fantasy is my fave so far. Brings back good summer memories for me I love it. I have fantasy twist and radiance (which I also lovvveee) I want to try intimate fantasy next, worth it or should I try something else?
  4. In before people moan about that gross photohop but idc, slay meh Britneyyy
  5. Omg my body is ready Any new Britney slays me nowadays it’s been so dead