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  1. Omg she said it is fun being Britney Spears. And that makes me so happy because in the past she's said that it sucks to be her but now she is happy finally! Also she called her herself relevant and that made me giggle because well: QUEEN
  2. Wait there was audio?? Omg I just copy and pasted into a translator hahahaha
  3. So much words but there was only 2/3 questions. She says she hopes she inspires artists and tries to lead and not follow. And also she said her 3 friends went to Israel a few weeks ago which we know she was talking about Larry Rudolph, his girlfriend, and his son. And also she said she wants to see Wonder Woman and she doesn't go to the movie theatre a lot
  4. Thank you bb
  5. And I love Amy!!
  6. I've been a fan of all 3 my almost whole life and I'm still obsessed with those things now maybe even more than ever
  7. Why? She was probably implying that she was a newbie back then and now she's really famous and things are so much different for so many reasons- one of them in particular is that she needs 9 body guards and another that everyone knows who she is
  8. Awww I found the part where she says that her kids are more protective of her now so cute
  9. I heard the boy say "I love you" before the girl said it. It was clear on one of the high quality YouTube vids I saw
  10. Both of the kids said "I love you" and she said "I love you too" back each time
  11. Omg I didn't know about her swagger coach. Well it really worked but then gradually she seemed to build up apparent to anxiety and ticks on stage. She should work with this person again.
  12. Nnnnnn good one
  13. It's old AF!! i love it so much tho. What's your problem?
  14. It's hilarious and it gets me Everytime since I saw it in 2011