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  1. OMG

    Don't be mean, she posted that because she was having fun. Not to prove anything.
  2. As you already know (or at least you should know), Bea Miller from The X Factor is now incredible. And she just released this song, which I think is extremely catchy and good. Actually that's not my opinion, it's a fact And I just can't help but think... I'd really love Britney to try different sounds, like this one, it'd fit her voice perfectly, imagine her falsettos in this...damn. I love that she tried a different sound with Make Me, Just Luv Me... More chill and smooth. And I wish Glory's sales won't make her team think we didn't want that. If only we could be her manager
  3. I don't even think that's necessary. Just teach the girl how to properly do her makeup and how to get good eyebrows. But knowing Britney she'll probably eventually get permanent tattooed racoon eyes
  4. What award show is this

    no clue actually
  5. When will she release the first single off B10?

    Touring is the best promo so she should do it soon, even though I doubt it
  6. Tell me about it. The other day I downvoted a person and since then he downvotes every single post of mine as a revenge
  7. That does sound like Britney "I look up random people all the time on instagram"
  8. But if Sam unfollows her we'll know
  9. Why doesn't this forum get sarcasm anymore
  10. britney‘s old face

    new outtakes? we're not worthy
  11. Queen. If only that happened with her albums as well

    Nice album, Great video for Work Bitch, terrible era.
  13. Wendy Williams: Kevin Deserves More Money

    Why does this woman still have a show?
  14. Of course she doesn't run her own instagram. Her team controls her interviews and they censor stuff they have no reason to. (daddy issues, I've been under this conservatorship) Do you think they'd give her the freedom of posting whatever she likes whenever she wants? It's papa spears we're talking about
  15. I'm glad she's stuck in the past and she's not trying to be something she isn't.
  16. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    No clue what's going on in here, just came to say I Don't is still my jam
  17. She is getting more and more popular. Her sound is extremely unique and catchy. Take a listen: She sure has an incredibly loyal fanbase which is a great thing to have this early in your career. And I wish she could write music for Britney, her sound is so fresh.
  18. I think those are higher quality than the xray ones.
  19. I know. Calling Britney pretty and a queen in her own forum gets you negative points