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    fanta fanta reacted to ZAM9315 in IF ONLY SHE’D STILL PERFORMED LIKE THIS   
    I'm sorry but I live britney now she's in shape beautiful and gas been dancing better than she has in years
    We have to accept those days are gone
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    fanta fanta reacted to Magnolia in IF ONLY SHE’D STILL PERFORMED LIKE THIS   
    IF IF IF
    If my grandma had balls she'd be my grandpa
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    fanta fanta reacted to Fenixxx123 in Rare photos - former Jive employee's IG   
    so beautiful 
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    fanta fanta reacted to Shadow. in Rare photos - former Jive employee's IG   
    gorgeous pics. its funny how the mind works, she was beautiful and still is but somehow she still has insecurities about her appearance. its true what they say about being your own worst enemy.
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    fanta fanta reacted to puppylo16 in Rare photos - former Jive employee's IG   
    OMG she looks like a doll. Literally perfection. 
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    fanta fanta reacted to britmebaby_onemoretime in Rare photos - former Jive employee's IG   
    These may not be rare to everyone else but I think I've only seen one of them before! This guy worked for Jive doing international relations back in the late 90's/early 2000s and he did a lot of traveling with Brit overseas! Enjoy


    #singlebritney? in 2001?

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    fanta fanta reacted to BraveGraphics in Britney shaving her head is apparently a conspiracy   
    Everything is a conspiracy these days
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    fanta fanta reacted to danny1994 in Britney shaving her head is apparently a conspiracy   
    There’s a conspiracy for everything. Don’t listen to it, it’s not true
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    fanta fanta reacted to The_Original_Toy in Britney shaving her head is apparently a conspiracy   
    i dont get where all these conspiracy theories come from 
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    fanta fanta reacted to PokemonSpears in There is a “J” and a “P” in Someday music video   
    She also said in some interview she saw herself having her kids by age 22-23
    She chose her own destiny
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    fanta fanta reacted to If I'm Dancing in There is a “J” and a “P” in Someday music video   
    This fact tears me up 
    Someday is such a beautiful and meaningful video. Pregnantney looked like an angel! Preston and Jayden are so lucky to have such a humble and kind mother! 
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    fanta fanta reacted to Alexanda in There is a “J” and a “P” in Someday music video   
    Queen of choosing her own destiny
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    fanta fanta reacted to popprison in Hugh Hefner Was "Obsessed" With Getting Britney Spears To Cover Playboy   
    Lol I'm glad she didn't. But it's not a big deal because people are much less clothed on their Instagram these days so..
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    fanta fanta reacted to Dark.Knight in Femme Fatale Was Tragic   
    in b4 before this turns into a 20+ pages of arguing

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    fanta fanta reacted to Britneylandia in If Britney could grant your one wish   
    I would ask her to give me her bank account 
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    fanta fanta reacted to PokemonSpears in Awkwardney strikes again   
    ya'll can say whatever you want about "the poor fan" and how he spent thousands of dollars, and how she "should pretend not to be uncomfortable" or "fake a smile", I'm ready for the downvotes. But when you're uncomfortable, you are uncomfortable, how the hell do you hide that? And she IS faking her smile, just look how fake it looks.
    We have that other thread with nice M&G pictures, where she looks totally normal and comfortable around other persons. If she looked like this with this guy, there must be a VERY good reason for that, and he should be the one questioning what did he do to ruin his moment with her  (that if he's actually unhappy with his picture to begin with, because probably he doesn't even mind if he decided to share it). It looks exactly like when someone touches you against your will, or without even asking you first, or saying something totally inappropriate. 
    She ain't no actress or professional model that has to keep her pose no matter the circumstances. And one as a fan doesn't spend that amount of money to go and say or do something, that, if we're true fans and know her like we do, we know it's gonna unsettle her to that extreme. 
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    fanta fanta reacted to BritneyIsPurePerfection in Awkwardney strikes again   
    To be honest, I think the fans are to blame why M&Gs last that short. She is up to talk with people. You just need to treat her like a normal human being she is and not like some crazy stan with 'you changed my life with your music' speeches. It's pretty obvious that you love her, I mean, you payed at least 1700$ just to meet her. Why not to use your time and ask something interesting instead? One of the guys from here got a name of unreleased track plus he got amazing photo with her. Many fans should take notes from him.
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    fanta fanta reacted to BoyToySoldier in Awkwardney strikes again   
    Would you like it if some stranger randomly hugged you? Lol. If you want a hug, ask her. There's plenty of photos with hugs. Fe clearly knows Britney is a special case, so she's trying to help you NOT get a bad picture by going up to her and getting in her space.
    Do I think Britney should at least fake smile with the people that ruffle her feathers? Yes. Will I be able to change it? No.
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    fanta fanta reacted to ifuseekari in For those who think Exhale is the only forums that bashes Britney because she's not on her prime anymore   
    Those are not that mean compared to what's been said here on Exhale tbh. 
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    fanta fanta reacted to MC The Songbird Supreme in RANDEE ST. NICHOLAS DIDN'T TAKE THIS PIC   
    Can we just move on from this depressing era and pray that B10 is the first well planned Britney era in 14 years?
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    fanta fanta reacted to CriminalLegend in I met Britney (M&G) + videos of the show   
    Few days ago I met Britney in Vegas! I went to the US for the first time after my graduation and i started my trip in California and it ended in Vegas with Britney.
    Ok, let's start talking about the tour behind the scenes with Fe... IT WAS AMAZING! One of the best experience of my life! It was surreal, I mean we went on stage, we saw all the props, all the costumes (in person i have to say that they are really cool, even the shitty yellow one) and i loved her photos with her boys in her changing room (i never saw one of them, it was a photo at the beach with the kid, she was brunette, 2014 i think, really sweet!) and Fe is really the sweetest person ever! I did a portrait of Britney and she said "OMG! please tell me that this is your job, i mean you are too talented, I'll give it to Britney after the show! I'm sure she will love it, and I'm sure that her mom will frame it, she collect all the Britney fan art! Omg I love it" and after the concert she said to me "please don't stop drawing and painting, you are a true talent!" Omg she was too sweet! I loved everything about this experience, even what she said about Brit, like "once she called me and she said that she wanted an outfit for her show, we watched online and it said 'inspired by britney spears' that means that Britney was inspired by an outfit inspired by Britney Spears and she didn't know it!" or "remember the yellow outfit with the 17 on it? well britney decided to destroy it with scissors"...
    And I loved the wings, the guitar, the MATM walls, I really loved everything!

    M&G right now. We all (20 people) went in a room and Fe told us few things like "Britney is so shy, please respect her space, on stage she is a diva, a performer but in her real life she is totally different" and we left everything outside (mobiles, documents...) because you can't have something with you for the meeting. After Fe, a bodyguard told us other rules like " you can't hug her, you can't kiss her, you can't do this, you can't do that... blah blah blah". I was the fourth, and when it was my turn i was so nervous but Fe told me "cmon Edoardo relax and enjoy the moment! remember to introduce yourself and say to her that you are from Italy, she will love it!". 
    When I first saw her I coudn't believe it, I mean she is real, she was there with me, OMG! she wasn't looking in my direction but she was looking the guy before me leaving the room and she looked really nervous, even a little scared i don't know why. Then she saw me, i gave to her my hand and i said "Hi! I'm Edoardo and I'm from Italy, nice to meet you!" and her answer killed me "From Italy? wow! Cool! Nice to meet you, I'm Britney!" she really said "I'm Britney!" ahahah and she wasn't joking or something, I loved it! I'm so happy about our meeting because i told her everything that i wanted to say like "I'm here in the US for my first time and i'm so happy to see the show after 4 years, these years I saw you live in Paris and in Zurich, I loved your concerts! I'm a big fan since i was a babya and you with your music was with me in my happy moments but also bad moments of my life so thank you!" I remember her saying "Omg thank you" and "awww that's so sweet, thank you so much sweety" and then we took the picture, i look horrible, fat, and i also have my nipple out but I really like her in this picture and I will always remember this moment!

    The concert. I had GA right standing ticket so I was scared to be far from the stage after the M&G but my friends reserved me a place in the first row, I was so lucky! The show is great and it's true, in person it's totally different and much better with all the lights, the videos, the fans screaming and the dancers (OMG they are great, they keep looking and smiling at you)! Her body is AMAZING! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And I was SOOO close to her, that was crazy, at the circus tour and the FFT i wasn't close to her or the stage so it was my first time and all i can say is WOW! She had a great energy, I had bad memories of the FFT, well now she is totally a different person! And it's crazy after the M&G because she is REALLY shy but on stage she is so sexy, so provocative! She doesn't dance a lot, I loved the MM and Slumber party performances, you can tell that she loves those choreos. 
    I just didn't like her attitude with playback, we all know that she isn't singing but she really doesn't give a sh!t about it, she had a chewing gum in her mounth and the funny fanct is that 10 minutes earlier, at the M&G, she hadn't... and she missed up with playback in every song, literally in every performance! At the end of IUSA and in some parts of MATM she didn't move her mouth because she was smiling or watching the dancers. 
    Here's few pictures that i took during the concert (they are screens of my videos but i don't know if i'll upload them)

    I went with 3 friends, two of them are fans of Britney and they loved britney at the concert, can't say the same about my third friend (he isn't a Britney fan)
    ps. sorry for my english
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    fanta fanta reacted to danny1994 in NEVER thought Id say this but   
    Why do they have to accept how they look? If they feel happier with some work done, that’s their prerogative
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    fanta fanta reacted to fucknfurter in NEVER thought Id say this but   
    No, he hasn't. You're reaching. You just don't like what he had to say.