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  1. Ok she didn't write any songs for the album, had a vocal double for the album, and had a vocal coach for her "live vocals"...
  2. I think it's that it just saves time- like she doesn't have to dry off for the next scene, or if it's the last scene even better. She can just leave period.
  3. I think the Circus era is the best era as far as all of the visual elements. All of the music videos were absolutely on point and the tour was so high production. The costumes were great, the set was great, and it was all cohesive and following the circus theme of the album. I also really love the album shoot- unlike some of her other ones the pictures are, first off, well put together and framed, and it isn't just her face either. It probably helps that I became a fan in that era, but I've got to give it to her team. They stepped up when they needed to and put the work into making everything look beautiful. Especially those freaking sparks in the circus video! Agh, I love that era (although I like her performing better now).
  4. Because she hasn't aligned her career with politics. I mean the main argument would be that she's always sexual in videos for men and that's she's frequently almost naked but it's not any different than Beyonce's except that Britney doesn't have a "FEMINISM" banner overtop of her. Like womanizer is a pretty feminist song if you ask me.
  5. I think she's fully had her "comeback" and the media doesn't want to be seen as the bad guy again. Also feminism- they aren't going to get on her for having a sexy music video or whatever anymore