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Status Updates posted by ._.

    1. TheVirtuoso


      Yeah tag every one except me you slut :BBMAney: 

  1. How I want my wedding to go like.


    1. JustLuvMe


      You're so gay :sipney:

    2. Young Törless

      Young Törless

      You'd be Cinderella I take it? :smokney2:

    3. ._.


      @JustLuvMe reported for homophobia!!

      @Young Törless Homophobic comment, reported.


  2. I was taking a shower, and it looks like my dad left me home while he took my siblings to eat breakfast outside. :zoomzoom:


    1. SexyJeans


      Relatable :crying1:

    2. Young Törless

      Young Törless

      Did this happen to you in Italy, @SexyJeans? :tifftear:

    3. SexyJeans


      No he would never buy us breakfast :gtfo: @Young Törless

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  3. Now try your best to stay calm 


    1. ._.


      :zoomzoom: your tutku is like Brit's instagram posts :lessons:


    2. TheVirtuoso
    3. Iced Tea
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  4. Hey everyone, i'm gay. 

    1. Sleazy


      lol I'm preety sure most of us are haha 

    2. ._.
    3. PokemonSpears


      but don't tell anyone britney_spears_shhh_by_pokemonspears-d8e


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  5. Hey y'all, for the release of Make Me, you'll just have to wait and see! :)

    1. Young Törless

      Young Törless

      Hey baby when are you gonna get on a diet? JK LOL are you on chat? answer asap

    2. Britneybbhmm


      no we have to twurl and see:BBMAney:

  6. my papusa is wet 4 u

  7. daddy, i love ur big c*ck

  8. Are any of y'all konradM96?

    1. bigq06
    2. ._.


      OMG are you him? I love your work!!!!!

    3. bigq06


      who? :messbye: i dont know him :excuseme::idkha:

  9. Oranges, Oranges. We got apples.  Sweet sweet, reqsov asjskw?

  10. I discovered @If U Seek Me has a big c*ck. :werk:

    f**k me papi

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    2. ._.


      Cleopatraney slays

      I want that look for Vegas, revamp to Ancient Civilisations.


      Britney: Piece of Ancient Wonder

      Segment 1: Babylonian

      Segment 2: Greece

      Segment 3: Egypt

      Segment 4: China

      Segment 5: Japan

      Segment 6: Rome

    3. Trance
    4. ._.
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  11. well idk, but there are submarine cables that connect us from continent to continent...

    1. ._.


      I never knew that, or thought of it. :lessons:  And i'm posting these off my profile, it's not my fault that Recent status update shows mine. :lessons:


    2. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      Noodles? This is such an Asian cliché. :queenflopga:

    3. ._.
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  12. holy sh!t, i just learned the internet is powered by cables. 

  13. "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." - Isaiah 45:7, KJV

  14. kuya

    1. NewRomanticz


      Hi :BBMAney: How are you doin

  15. i just saw the most handsome indian man, and a white man at my little sister's elementary school.  DADDIES :werk:

  16. daddy show me that hot body

    1. TripToYourLove<3


      You're gonna have to wait and see :bigkiss:

    2. ._.


      ok daddy <3 i missed you so much though boo

    3. TripToYourLove<3


      I'm currently having a meltdown over this video clip. Help me

  17. when daddy say, uh, when daddy say uh.



      Excuse me hoe? :BBMAney:

      Go on chats

    2. ._.


      i am on chats, whore!