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  1. Liberation is a :umomg:

    i love it

  2. How do you guys take d!ck?
    I just played with my ass and could only take 4 inches!

    :( I lost my vrginity to an 8 inch guy but only took 5 or 6 i think? 

    but still! omg

    1. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      you know what's weird? I haven't had sex yet (was dangeriously close to but there were no condoms) so I don't even know if I would be the one receiving or giving.. I think I'm leaning more towards the top side but when I have sex dreams, I'm a bottom.. I think my subconsciousness is trying to tell me something.. :ehidk:

  3. @Iced Tea ROSE QUARTZ IS PINK D WTF DSLKFjas;ljfladsk;fdsjakasd;fas

    1. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      bitch let me TELL YOU i had a heart attack :lemmetellu:

    2. Delicious Pork Chops

      Delicious Pork Chops

      @Iced Tea did you think she was or was she not?

      Child, the second I saw ROSE in that palanquin and said "i can't exactly shatter myself" i was like, omg the bitch is Pink D.

      I look at all the reaction videos and many of these people were so confused. I never knew they could be so slow omg. 

  4. wah wah ohahh wah wah oahh...GImme gimme more gimme more gimme gimme MOAH

  5. Listening to Toxic.  It still sounds fresh. 

  6. i just got fisted to e-mail my heart. :crying1:


  7. R.i.p.

  8. I need me a handhsome, hung, uc, middle eastern man who is financially stable, ddf, faithful, honest, has a cat, has a great personality, who loves me and only me romantically and sexually, :crying1: is that too much to ask for? #NetNeutrality

  9. You're a nurse. :crying2:

    Dats why i follow u

  10. Hi daddy

    1. Mohd93


      Daddy? I've been called a twink many times but never a daddy :cuteidk:

    2. Delicious Pork Chops

      Delicious Pork Chops

      :queenflopga: The D's in Middle Eastern stands for Daddy d*ck. :queenflopga:


  11. Near...far, wherever you are. :crying1: Brit should work on her voice and release a ballad for a major film. 

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    2. IUSAtonight


      Oh a raccoon was blocking the word ballad on my phone. Don't be a bitch :kyliecry:

    3. Delicious Pork Chops

      Delicious Pork Chops

      @IUSAtonight it's britney bitch :lessons: don't be so racist


    4. ATWK


      The last chorus of MHWGO is honestly one of the best things I've ever heard. :kyliecry: A true classic. :kyliecry:

  12. If ur over 20.  

    I wanna smell ur c*ck and balls

    And slurp it up


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    2. Delicious Pork Chops

      Delicious Pork Chops

      @I Always Sing Live lithuania? :ineedthetruth:. U must be uncut then.

      Lemme suck on ur d

    3. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      Close... Latvia!

      Why yes, I am, come on over. :bang:

    4. Delicious Pork Chops

      Delicious Pork Chops

      :queenflopga: :kyliecry: Lemme just get a latvian daddy.



  13. I'm a brinny stan again, listening to gimme more. :crying1: Brings out the inner mess in me.  I wanna be fucked and tossed around in a sweaty bathhouse. 

    1. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      Not sure if I can relate to the fucking and tossing but Gimme More is the only song I never ever get sick of. :makeitrain:

  14. I wish i was a virgin again, so i could lose it to Sometimes playing

    1. JustLuvMe


      I lost my virginity to a G-Eazy album playing in the background :mhm:

  15. @Kiiddy 's BF is a Russian Mafia, Druglord that sells illegal dildos. 

  16. vagina

  17. I don't trust nobody and nobody trust me, All these tops got 6 or 7 stds.   I don't trust nobody and nobody trust me, I'll be the bottom starring in your fantasies. 

  18. r u still dead. come back to life please

  19. It's official, Kiiddy is dead. :crying1: At least from exhale. 


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    2. falka
    3. Delicious Pork Chops

      Delicious Pork Chops

      @$elfish more like exHELL with all his abominable actions he commited in life. :smokney:


    4. Kiiddy
  20. r.i.p. official, you will be missed. :crying1:

    your loose hole finally gave in

  21. R.i.p. kiiddy, you were such a good friend

    1. BrittonJeanSpears
    2. neel21


      Wait what happened?

    3. Delicious Pork Chops

      Delicious Pork Chops

      Idk i think hes dead lol

  22. Why does Katy's swish swish sound like a drag queen...or 90s song...

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    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      I don't remember which song exactly, but it's stated which one in a Clevver video.

    3. CashmereCat


      Wtf is swish swish mean anyway, I know the song is meant to diss Taylor but lmao it sounds like a terrible insult that a 5th grade would make up

    4. BrittonJeanSpears


      A "swish" is a shot in basketball when it doesn't touch the rim, goes through the net and makes it "swish". It's why the song talks about basketball terminology so much. It's also supposed to be reminiscent of "shoo, shoo".

  23. I know i may be hung,

    But, i've got dickings too.

    And I need to do,

    What I feel like doing,

    So let me blow,

    And let's get fuckin.


    All you people look at me

    And like my big fat c*ck

    Well did you ever think it'de be okay

    For me to always be the top

    Always saying big manly top

    Don't try to get fucked

    Well i wanna be a bottom too

    Be a little slut

    f**k my booty

    f**k my booty (Oh)

    f**k my booty 

    f**k my booth (OOH)

    f**k my booty 

    f**k my booty 
    *insert gay fem moan*

    @Kiiddy @Dynasty @Britneybbhmm

    1. If U Seek Me
    2. Kiiddy


      The state of this tbh

    3. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      I read "dicklings".

  24. How are you supposed to defend Britney :wontcry: