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Status Updates posted by ._.

  1. I wish i was a virgin again, so i could lose it to Sometimes playing

    1. JustLuvMe


      I lost my virginity to a G-Eazy album playing in the background :mhm:

  2. @Kiiddy 's BF is a Russian Mafia, Druglord that sells illegal dildos. 

  3. ._.


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    2. JustLuvMe
    3. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      Stay forever horny, that's why we love you! :flawlessbye:

    4. JustStanKnee


      omg ahah

  4. I don't trust nobody and nobody trust me, All these tops got 6 or 7 stds.   I don't trust nobody and nobody trust me, I'll be the bottom starring in your fantasies. 

  5. ._.

    r u still dead. come back to life please

  6. ._.

    It's official, Kiiddy is dead. :crying1: At least from exhale. 


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    2. falka
    3. ._.


      @$elfish more like exHELL with all his abominable actions he commited in life. :smokney:


    4. Kiiddy



  7. ._.

    r.i.p. official, you will be missed. :crying1:

    your loose hole finally gave in

  8. ._.

    R.i.p. kiiddy, you were such a good friend

    1. BrittonJeanSpears


      He died?! :decisions: 

    2. neel21


      Wait what happened?

    3. ._.


      Idk i think hes dead lol

  9. ._.

    r.i.p. kiiddy :crying1:



    1. ._.


      r.i.p. miss you

  10. Why does Katy's swish swish sound like a drag queen...or 90s song...

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    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      I don't remember which song exactly, but it's stated which one in a Clevver video.

    3. CashmereCat


      Wtf is swish swish mean anyway, I know the song is meant to diss Taylor but lmao it sounds like a terrible insult that a 5th grade would make up

    4. BrittonJeanSpears


      A "swish" is a shot in basketball when it doesn't touch the rim, goes through the net and makes it "swish". It's why the song talks about basketball terminology so much. It's also supposed to be reminiscent of "shoo, shoo".

  11. I know i may be hung,

    But, i've got dickings too.

    And I need to do,

    What I feel like doing,

    So let me blow,

    And let's get fuckin.


    All you people look at me

    And like my big fat c*ck

    Well did you ever think it'de be okay

    For me to always be the top

    Always saying big manly top

    Don't try to get fucked

    Well i wanna be a bottom too

    Be a little slut

    f**k my booty

    f**k my booty (Oh)

    f**k my booty 

    f**k my booth (OOH)

    f**k my booty 

    f**k my booty 
    *insert gay fem moan*

    @Kiiddy @Dynasty @Britneybbhmm

    1. If U Seek Me
    2. Kiiddy


      The state of this tbh

    3. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      I read "dicklings".

  12. How are you supposed to defend Britney :wontcry:


  13. I need piece of me revamped with a royalty section.  Overprotected the original sounds like some sort of royalty song with a harpsichord.



    1. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea


      I need piece of me revamped 














      no revamping, please just let it end :otears:

  14. Anyone in Northern Virginia or DC.  I'll suck your dick for an iPhone 7, and have you stick it in me for an iPhone 7 Plus.  Bareback is a mac pro (not the macbook, the mac pro ). pls be clean of all diseases <3  


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    2. Kiiddy


      Wtf are you doing Kris? 

    3. ._.


      @Kiiddy offering my services for stuff. 

    4. Kiiddy

  16. Fuck guys.  I wish I was white.  I feel like no one wants me cause i'm asian.  If they do, it's usually creepy white dudes.

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    2. Kiiddy
    3. BrittonJeanSpears


      Men fucking suck. They can suck our fucking toes. :byebitch: 

    4. JustLuvMe


      Puberty will hit ya :queenriri:

  17. Watching Older Britney performances. :crying1:


    1. patience darling

      patience darling

      I watched the 2000's VMAS performance last night :otears:

  18. where are you? you disappeared off all social media. :crying1:


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    2. ._.


      OMG did he really die? :(


    3. Slomana


      idk , haven't been here in months , lul

    4. Larry Stylinson

      Larry Stylinson

      I'm not dead :ricackle: i just been hella busy 

      i must confess exhale got a lil boring :tiffhair: and since mine computer is broke and I have no coins to fix it and exhale is too havy 4 my phone.. i preffer to check once a week for a few minutes :grimace:

      but i miss  girls :sobbing: and mine larry lessons :lessons: 

  19. I think i'm sick and dirty from dis lotion, pillow fights and fantasy overdosin <3


    I love Sleepover Party!

  20. I'm not a bitch, i'm just shy. 

  21. Isn't he lovely? This good Christian boy! And they say "he's so Godly, He's so good.  But he cry cry cries, cause he loves Jesus so much.  If there's something, he loves in his life.  That is, Jesus."

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    2. ._.


      It's about when you're a good little Christian boy, but you're secretly gay and everyone thinks you're good. :tifftear:
      @JustLuvMe @BrittonJeanSpears

    3. Electro World
    4. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      Oh this world :orangu: 

  22. Have you guys ever thought that Toxic is about getting a certain disease from a man?  "Intoxicate me now, with your lovin' now, I THINK I'M READY NOW".  The person is hesitant at first but gives in. :wontcry:

    She/He knows the guy/top is bad for him/her but he/she can't resist. 

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    2. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      Toxic is not about bug chasing! :dead:

    3. Draw The Blinds

      Draw The Blinds

      Why would she ask to be intoxicated with STDs? :dead:

      She was referring to the money shot :milkney:

    4. Electro World
  23. I must confess, that my loneliness, is killing me now. :crying1:


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    2. ._.


      That's shorter than kiiddy's dick. which is smaller than a protozoa

    3. Kiiddy


      no baby, that would be yours...    :queenriri:

    4. A.D.


      I'm okay with that, the character I wrote based on him is better known for their smoking skills seeing as he is the one envisioning the plot under the influence of weed :giggleney:

  24. Listening to piano covers of Britney songs.  Slave makes me feel like a classy slut.  Lucky makes me feel like a sad depressed little gay boy wanting love and not wanting to be a slut. :crying1:


  25. "girl will you marry me?" :gloria:

    LMFAOOOO the kfed actor can get it though @Kiiddy



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    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      THAT FUCKING BODY, YES DADDY! :yesplease: 

    3. ._.


      @Britneybbhmm idk? That never happened, but i woulda said yes ngl.  So long as his dick was INTACT.  @JustLuvMe or if it was cut it has to look nice. 

    4. mylonliNESS


      HIS BODY THOUGH :thirsty: YES PLZ DADDY!!! (Though I hate the real K-Fed...)