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  1. Currentney with the face of Circusney / 2009ney

    Answer my question potential daddy.
  2. Currentney with the face of Circusney / 2009ney

    40? are you a man? i need a daddy
  3. Currentney with the face of Circusney / 2009ney

    Jesus, I know people age, (the pics are almost 10 years old since you know 2009), but her features have changed SO Much. Like she looks like a completely different woman.
  4. Lets follow each other on instagram and promote MM!

    breed me
  5. I want @Draw The Blinds @Kiiddy @Dynasty to breed me to this remix
  6. Omg britney’s worst picture is going viral

    Not even photoshop can save ha
  7. We'll find a way to miss POM

    You dont. im too boring to be known
  8. Is anyone here a dancer?

    Oh nvm guys I got it the same day Lmfao I just broke it down. Then put it together. So leanred arms then learned legs separate then together
  9. Is anyone here a dancer?

    I'm trying to learn the If! breakdown My issue is the first part with the arms and legs alternating. i KNOW what it is. But my brain for some reason can't put those two parts together. How the arms and legs alternate at different times. Like is my brain just a shitty brain. @Kiiddy help me
  10. Britney mocking herself from Vegas

    She wasn't predicting. She had it all planned out from the beginning
  11. how? (face)

    Well theres hardly anything going on.
  12. how? (face)

    She probs has self-esteem issues. We drag ha either way You dont know what u got til its...gone