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  1. Wow Britney looks so unrecognizable nowadays....

    Ugh no, i think she looked her best as a blastocyst.
  2. Wow Britney looks so unrecognizable nowadays....

    UGH I MISS HA PRIME. But thus is her real prime.
  3. Randee reuses the FF photoshoot set

    Randee always recycles though. She worked with whitney and prince. I bet ya she reused those cheap tacky lights. https://www.randeestnicholas.com/whitney-houston-nothing-but-love/
  4. I think Britney could pull off this vibe

    I don't mind pop. But i'de like a structure like ...baby and oops. Soundwise not that bubblegum pop, but i really miss when pop music was interesting and had these little weird things that had character. Like with ...Baby we had the counter chorus which at the end of the song, it all pulls in together. Same with oops, but with the second verse we have a slight difference in the instrumentation. Most music i feel (at least from what i've heard in 2017) doesn't have much variation within the instrumentation, or the vocals itself.
  5. why shattered glass wasnt a single?

    Yeah, maybe added a nice break down. Idk the whole song sounds so lq from start to finish
  6. why shattered glass wasnt a single?

    I said younger sister that gets the fame and is prettier.
  7. why shattered glass wasnt a single?

    this. It feels so unfinished too. HIAM is like the younger sister that gets all the fame cause she's prettier, and more talented.
  8. Sam's mom...

    That's what i was thinking. I remember my mum once sent me to the philippines and live with my grandparents when she was a single mother. So maybe sam's parents sent him to a relative while they worked. Who knows?
  9. Sam's mom...

    I wonder why now tbh. Who raised sam? It says they haven't seen each other in 12 years. They could have talked.
  10. Honestly, Britney's voice is distinct and made the song less "generic" imo. Even with gasoline and all the other songs on FF.
  11. Have You Ever Felt Embarassed Because You're a Fan of Britney?

    All the time. I mean I love Britney the person. And I love the prime, but Britney the artist, performer, now? Ehh, it's kind of laughable. Despite today's artists being lackluster, they do usually sing live (which is a necessity), and offer somewht interesting visuals. In constrat, Britney hardly sings live, and when she does, it's either happy birthday, or a cover. Moreover, Britney's choreography isn't something to be praised. It's good, but it's just not anything wow. Likewise, Britney has said she wants to go back to simple dance videos and singing live, yet where is the effort? I did not really see it in piece of me.
  12. What's your fave segment of Vegas?

    Now that it's coming to an end, what is your fave? I kinda like the Toxic performance This is mine
  13. That intro alone @DJSLAYZEE This would sound good for you mixtape @Kiiddy
  14. POM on the road again?

    Yes i am This must be the famos surprise
  15. POM on the road again?

    Bookmarking in case it's real. Gonna love the meltdowns if it does happen.