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  1. Yeah. There were loads around the other day: Amanda Syfred and Justin Long, some WWE Diva with some wrestlers, Demi Lovato and so on... I think the people trying to sell this video tried (and failed) to ride this wave...
  2. I honestly think, someone though: "Uh-oh! The Fappening 2 is happening... who could we have a nice little story about that people will believe without any proof? Oh *ka-ching* Britney'll do nicely..." It's just click bait, me thinks
  3. Radar Online, though Why would they not say who else is in the vid! Plus, it would have surfaced ages ago if it did exist and someone wanted to cash in on it! Britney's not that kind of girl...
  4. Hot Mama Jama coming thru * tut tut*