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  1. Why is Sam insisting on wearing skinny jeans And that woman's hair! She's channeling Tinan turner from Beyond Thunderdome
  2. Yeah! About 30 years different
  3. You'd be surprised how much more Britney does behind the scenes that doesn't get publicized! That's one of the best things about her. She's humble and real! Was this at the last leg? Also when I read the article about the little girl, she looked completely different on the pics (meaning hair colour, etc), so I think this could be another little girl, bless them all the same! I have 4 daughters and I constantly remind myself not to take ANYTHING for granted and how lucky we are to have them healthy and happy!
  4. Yassss! Loved Tanya (she's not the one in the gif)! She was such a bitch! Great show!
  5. Hence I said I bookmark this! I'd be intrigued to hear it! I definitely wasn't being sarcastic
  6. Bookmarked this thread
  7. I like neither of them, but preferred Katy or even Gags while that lasted...
  8. I think her career started its natural decline, (after just 3 albums) and she can't deal! She seems very desperate! Oh shucks! Next will be Banana Tayla
  9. I think Katy started it with the Britney jibe, and finished the job with the comment: "Do you miss my black hair? Do you miss Barack Obama, too?"