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    britneyplaylists reacted to really really cool guy in Random POM show next Tuesday?   
    She just needed extra money...400.000$ for xmas expenses 
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    britneyplaylists got a reaction from Chaoscontrol in Random POM show next Tuesday?   
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    britneyplaylists got a reaction from andrewjc18 in Random POM show next Tuesday?   
    I'm in section 103!! You?!
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    britneyplaylists reacted to Godney's Sweet Ass in Random POM show next Tuesday?   
    It's just a regular rehearsal with an audience show. 
    Seriously, the first shows "back" are always lame and tragic because she treats them like rehearsals because she can't be bothered to rehearse in her own time  
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    britneyplaylists got a reaction from BraveGraphics in Britney Spears | Britney 2001 | Brave Graphics©   
    10/10 would buy 
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    britneyplaylists reacted to BraveGraphics in Britney Spears | Britney 2001 | Brave Graphics©   

    I’ve always loved the DVD cover for Dream Within a Dream so wanted to make something familiar to the album as well.
    Full Cover here on my Blog
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    britneyplaylists reacted to Britneychina in BritneyChina: 19th Anniversary Celebration - The Glorious Collection   

    96 Official CD image, And 4 designed by ourselves (Radar-Criminal-Make Me-Slumber Party)
    B Logo inspired by The Circus Tour....
    Video Coming soon...
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    britneyplaylists reacted to Dark.Knight in Piece Of Me Unofficial Thread 11/10/2017   
    Can't believe there's no thread about last night's show when it was one of her best, if not her best...
    Work Bitch

    Womanizer/ Break The Ice/ POM




    Boys/ DYWCO





    Surprise performances:


    Meet And Greets:

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    britneyplaylists reacted to IonutM in 91 Songs That Are Way Better Than Beatles ( Britney mentioned 3 times)   
    Slumber party, pepsi comercial and happy b-day from Singapore      This article doesn't mean it and also this could be made by that buzzfeed B-army fan.
    Promo is promo
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    britneyplaylists got a reaction from LEMONADEGLORY in POM GA question   
    Hey! I'm going to the same show as you, alone. Lol. I'm staying in PH with a pre-bought ticket and a M&G but if you want to meet or make a friend there DM me hehe  
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    britneyplaylists reacted to DJSLAYZEE in Are there demos of FF/BJ before they switched it?   
    So apparently these two albums changed direction or were hijacked by Will.i.Am - are there any demos or leaks of songs post Circus that didn’t make the cut?
    also random but if these were mastered they would be really good 
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    britneyplaylists reacted to CJMCH in The Full Unmastered Version Of Britney’s 2001 Pepsi Song Is Online And It’s Incredible   
    The full jingle leaked tonight, unmastered. It's not one of those fanmade extended versions, you will notice that there's some demo-like mixing on the instrumental/vocals due to it being unmastered.
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    britneyplaylists reacted to Alex_1991 in New vocals from Sia original "Passenger" demo LEAKED   
    The second verse is totally sung by Sia and was never heard before. The full demo is probably leaking.

    At least four versions of this song exist: one recorded by Katy Perry, one recorded by Sia, one recorded by Myah Marie (that follows almost exactly Sia vocal lead and that was mixed with Britney in the unfortunate cd version), and the  final one recorded by Britney (well.. the verses at least).

    It's a good song, ruined by a demo-ish final production and by the Myah vocal mess with proper care it could have been single material.
    Side note: Britney is quoted as one of the composer, but it's not true at all: both the original versions share the same lyrics with the final one.

    Burqua Jihad was a fucking mess!
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    britneyplaylists reacted to Brat2017 in MATM Jacod Remix Preview   

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    britneyplaylists reacted to jamesedward94 in Has anyone checked the views on Slumber Party recently?   
    It’s up to 70 million! Not too bad honestly!
    Make Me is at 56 million.
    And by the way, Glory’s sales are WAY better than a lot of recent pop releases. Yes, others from her time may be doing better, but she has proved to still be a strong force in the music industry after almost 20 years!
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    britneyplaylists reacted to LA_Candy in Piece of Me | The Full Vegas Show Experience   
    Hey guys, it's finally here! After 6 months of editing I can finally present you guys my #PieceOfMeDVD!
    I hope you guys like this . Share it and if you want to own the 1080p 8gb file, you can download it for 10 Dollars here:
    Love you guys and hope you like my dvd!
    ( Interlude )
    11 I'M A SLAVE 4 U
    12 MAKE ME
    16 CIRCUS
    21 TOXIC
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    britneyplaylists reacted to Andrew338 in Glory Era in Gifs   
    So here´s the turn of events (the highlight at least)



    i'm bored, feel free to add some more. Add your favorite moments, the cringe or whatever.

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    britneyplaylists reacted to Mc54 in Britney Store: "Britney Witch" Halloween Tee on sale   
    The design really doesn't make any sense... but.. .

    Pre-sale for 10/18 shipping.
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    britneyplaylists reacted to Dark.Knight in BOMT Tour - DWAD Tour Outfits Today   
    I'm bored - based on what the POM outfits are, I guess if the past tours were redone, these would have been the outfits
    Baby One More Time Tour
    Crazy/Soda Pop/ BTMYH
    Material Girl
    Black Cat/ Nasty/ The Beat Goes On
    I Will Be There/ Open Arms/ Sometimes
    Baby One More Time
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    britneyplaylists reacted to britmebaby_onemoretime in Rare photos - former Jive employee's IG   
    These may not be rare to everyone else but I think I've only seen one of them before! This guy worked for Jive doing international relations back in the late 90's/early 2000s and he did a lot of traveling with Brit overseas! Enjoy


    #singlebritney? in 2001?

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    britneyplaylists reacted to NotAPassenger in Review: Demi Lovato Brings The Sexy Dirty Love On 'Tell Me You Love Me'   
    This is her 'Stripped.'

    Demi Lovato's sixth studio album Tell Me You Love Me is inspired by what it's like to be young and single.

    In her first new body of music since 2015's Confident, Lovato explores the ideas of what it's like to tell a friend that you love them, what it's like to be a bit messed up and how in the search for love your sexuality can be your solace. Like any typical Demi album that has come before, the singer delves deep into her psyche and exposes her scars, but this time around she seems more self-reflective.

    The album's first single, "Sorry Not Sorry", is the perfect opener to this body of work. As a message to anyone that's ever doubted her, the track shows Demi at her most confident. This is an anthem for those that need revenge. Those whose pettiness has driven them to better themselves to show them what their ‘ex’ is missing. The track climbs with the pre-chorus – laden with hand claps and synths any pop star worth their salt would be jealous of, and as the chorus hits it makes the listener want to grab their hairbrush and lip-synch for their life in solidarity with the 25-year-old. As a start to the album, Lovato tells us defiantly that she's not sorry for being her, and she loves every moment of it, and it sets the perfect precedent for the rest of the album.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MsvER1dpjM?ecver=2]

    The Grammy nominee's confidence continues to soar as the album goes on. On "Lonely," Lovato lays her sexuality and self-worth out for all to see. The DJ Mustard-produced track evokes early Mariah with her delivery in the opening few bars. Lovato denounces a lover and how useless they are. The repetitive chorus hits home the idea of how disappointed she is with this lover and how she longs for someone to do what they should. The sparse production with the harsh tone in her voice makes it sound like it'll be a brilliant song when performed live. On "Cry Baby," Lovato discusses how much this person has hurt her despite her strength. Add the sexuality, self-worth and awareness of her emotions and a makeup free album cover; this truly is her Stripped.

    The promotional track, "You Don't Do It For Me Anymore," is an album highlight. The song masquerades as a breakup anthem where she realises that that her lover isn't who she thought they were. If you dive deeper, the listener begins to understand that this song is an ode to her former self. Here, Lovato finally starts to move on from the girl she used to be that once haunt her presence. The track also includes one of the best vocal deliveries to date from the former X Factor judge. Lovato cleverly conveys herself to be self-reflective on her past, and this kind of honesty is truly beautiful. Especially when compared to the tone her previous work took on her battles with sobriety, like on the 2011 hit "Skyscraper", where Lovato was indignant in her quest to beat her demons. It seems like she’s finally succeeded.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QwRk4Hjzq8?ecver=2]

    The album title track, "Tell Me You Love Me," has an excellent vocal delivery as the "Neon Lights" singer begs for love. The production of the track is sublime as it reaches gospel undertones within the chorus, and the "oooh"'s of the post-chorus are incredibly catchy. Demi is known for her incredible voice, and this is further seen on "Daddy Issues". The track is an impeccable masterclass in sexy pop production; the stuttering staccato synths of the chorus when coupled with her powerful vocal delivery creates a soundscape that really transports the listener into the world that she's created for this song. It’s insatiable. "Daddy Issues" details how Lovato is in love, and the love is unrequited, but lucky for him that's what keeps her interested. It's a bittersweet nod to the tragic past of her father, but uses it in such a brilliant way that makes the listener relate, laugh and feel sexy. It's a shame the song is so short, and the bleeping out of the expletive also feels out of place for an artist that has never been scared of a profanity- especially when the next track, "Ruin The Friendship" uses the word "Fuck" so freely.

    When Demi said this album was about being young and single, she didn't lie. This album is a perfectly spun concept for what it's like to be a single 20-something who's trying to find their way and find love. The pseudo-sensual-R&B style really suits her. Overall, Tell Me You Love Me is Lovato's strongest album to date, and begins a really exciting new chapter in her career as she has uncovered a musical direction that complements her – one that she can utilise in the future to cement her legacy as one of the most talented pop stars of her generation.

    Favourite Lyric: "Your body's looking good tonight; I'm thinking we should cross the line"

    Favourite Songs: Daddy Issues, Only Forever, Games

    Overall Rating: 4/5 stars.

    What do YOU think about Tell Me You Love Me? Let us know in Exhale.

    And while you're at it... leave a comment and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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    britneyplaylists reacted to strunkbrandon in Found a pic *I'VE* never seen on the BOMT single CD   
    Have ya'll ever seen this? I found the first press of Baby One More Time the other day at a thrift store and its an enhanced CD, when I put in in my computer this pic came up too... Ive never seen it before and thought it was cutsie patootsie!
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    britneyplaylists reacted to marrecarney in Britney shaving her head is apparently a conspiracy   
    So lately I've been seeing a lot of people saying that Britney was payed by US government to shave her head and go crazy to divert the focus from the Middle East situation and stuff. Like, local instagram profiles that post about some facts have posted this image with the text, then I saw it spread on facebook. And this morning I saw a post on 9Gag, the typical crap "the more I grow up the more I understand Britney 2007" etc and the comments said the same thing, like she was payed etc. I really have never heard about this till recently.
    And of course, I don't believe it, since the people who post that have tunnel vision and just see the head shaving and umbrella, and not the whole situation and what has been going in her life for a while then and after.
    Anyways, I thought it would be interesting to post this, if anyone else saw this bullshit. 
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    britneyplaylists reacted to sue the expectional earner in why ellen deleted her mall video with britney?   
    also she deleted britney simon psy gangnam style dance video before