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  1. Loved the way she entered the classroom Very Janet Jackson like
  2. FTR was recorded waaaaaaaay back in 2008, we are in 2018.
  3. She never put her business out there like that She always said what she wanted people to know There's a reason why certain questions never gets asked because she picks what they can and cannot ask her
  4. Britney was 17 when she hanged with Melissa and what does that have to do with the conservatorship No decisions are made without Britney input She's the one that makes the money and pay her employees their salaries
  5. Nobody knows the reason it was edited out Some if you keep saying being held from saying and what I pointed out goes against some of you belief
  6. You do know Mariah and Beyonce have folks running their social media for them I'm sure there's other celebs who have others run their social media for them. I don' care to hear your imagination
  7. But it goes against this belief that some of you have of her being told what and what not to say. If she were so restricted then why did she bring it up if she is so restricted as some of you say.
  8. Britney never been one to hop on bandwagons or be something she's not. She does speak her mind when she feels like it
  9. Please speak on what you know We don't care to hear your imagination
  10. Britney the one making the money and paying his salary like everyone else who works for her.
  11. What part of nothing goes through without Britney approval are you not understanding They work for her You nor anybody else knows how she feels about the conservatorship Who are these celebs that you say can' get through to Britney?
  12. That depends if she wants to speak on it at all. Will you folks stop acting like Britney being held back from speaking her mind She's always spoke on what she wanted to speak on.
  13. The Empire is not possible without Britney No decision is made without Britney approval since they all rely on her.
  14. Britney the one that makes the money her team lives off of Britney had never worked for her team They work for her
  15. Britney picks and chooses what she will and will not talk about in interviews
  16. She never was that open ever She always said what she wanted folks to know
  17. Britney never put her business out there like that ever Britney tells what she wants folks to know
  18. Things that their boss(Britney) told can not be asked
  19. You don't know why that got cut and most of you do not know how her conservatorship runs
  20. This same public takes Rihanna seriously and she has no talent
  21. Don't compare her to that racist