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  1. She just now made an IG post dedicated to I think the anniversary of the Slumber Party video She already dedicated a post to the anniversary of Glory in August
  2. She made a post on the anniversary of Glory
  3. I do not know but that's not what this thread about
  4. Poor Iggy https://media.giphy.com/media/5xtDarLeZw5Pzg0IU9i/giphy.gif Now back to Glory
  5. I'm speaking on the album I'm sure no tweet exists
  6. She's the boss of her team They work for her
  7. Notice she never acknowledge Circus, FF and BJ It means something when she acknowledge albums like Blackout and Glory
  8. That Britney is the boss of Let me remind you
  9. I think she promoted the song at one of those radio shows concerts
  10. That does not mean she didn't care to promote
  11. Poor Iggy stay falling but back to Glory
  12. That old fossil has put many folks on the cover who are not Vogue material f**k that old fossil with her tired ass wig
  13. Looks like you are correct Moving along
  14. Ok I will keep that in mind next time
  15. She did do rehab 2 times in early 2007 and that was about it
  16. She went to rehab earlier in that year and that was only time she went get your story right
  17. I don't recall her going to rehab around that time
  18. Most of the credit goes to Britney since she wanted a change and did it
  19. Britney not on drugs and that's all that matters