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  1. We do not know who this kid really is and how he acts
  2. Never here for racists and that goes for the kids too who are raised on it Why are some of you so dedicated to forcing this belief that the kid is different from his parents. We don't know this kid but we do know the kids parents are racist and he is in an environmet that encourages it. I'm sure more dirt will be put out there
  3. Both parents are racist so he and his siblings most raised on it No sympathy over here
  4. Its being reported that his estranged father is a jailed white Supremacist http://www.tmz.com/2017/12/13/keaton-jones-father-racist-white-supremacist/ As with most, he learned from home The example they setting for their children Shame on GMA giving The Trashbox mother and kid a platform yesterday to talk their bullshit
  5. Watch || New Ig Video

    She does wear these dresses out Just because she not always photoraphed out and about does not mean she doesn't go out
  6. If his mom is racist then I'm sure she is raising her kids to be too
  7. I'm loving that that the kid and mom are getting rightfully dragged Have no sympathy for the kid since he called a black kid the n word and got his ass handed to him Hopefully the dumb kid learned a lesson
  8. I'm super glad Britney did not hop on the bandwagon That kid and his mom are rightfully getting dragged
  9. If I rounded up my clothesAnd headed over straight to the door You wouldn't have a clueOf what you should doIf I left you laying longing for more
  10. Good that this happened to that stupid racist kid and his equally stupid racist mom
  11. That kid and his mom are fucking racist It's been reported the boy uses the n word which isn't surprsing since his mom is racist f**k him and his mom The positive of this it bring more awareess to bullying atleast
  12. Never a lack of continued interest because the song was still doing well on iTunes after radio dropped the song Britney will have competition and she held up well