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  1. I'm focused on Britney being featured on Pitbull upcoming single with Marc Anthony I'm sure it will slay
  2. I'm not really paying any attention to these rumors We all know Britney is featured on Pitbull upcoming single with Marc Anthony which I'm sure will slay
  3. Cappycorn87

    other Britney's Carpool Karaoke got brought up again

    Britney not interested in talking about 2007 and she does not have to and chooses not to
  4. NO NO NO You guys keep comparing her to todays artist who have not achieved an inch of what Britney has achieved in her long career That's great for Madonna but I don't think Britney aspires to be like Madonna Britney will be Britney
  5. Read her interviews over the years She wanted to do more urban music for her 6th album they went in a more pop direction for most of the tracks. The way her 7th album turned out was the sound or direction she was going for before DR Luke took over. For the 8th album, she had wanted a more urban album When she was speaking on glory, she mentioned how she had wanted to do a more urban album For the longest.
  6. She acknowledge the anniversary of Glory last year She acknowledges Blackout and ITZ in some way that she never will for the 6th, 7th and 8th album.
  7. That RCA that gave up on the album Britney was doing what she needed to do and would have kept going had RCA put more money into promo.
  8. They did not go with her vision and direction for those albums and you got a very not engaged Britney which was understandable RCA messed up with Britney Jean but they got right and let Britney have this with GLORY With Glory, we got Britney excited for an album We had not seen this kind of excitement since Blackout and hopefully RCA does not mess up with any future albums
  9. Some of you keep comparing her to today's artist and feeling like she needs to keep up with them which is hilarious. Britney has seen and done it and did it bigger and better. Britney not in competition with today's artist, they need to get to her level which they never because most of today's acts are mediocre as f**k.