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  1. top 20 hit Maybe the label and her team will right some wrongs next album
  2. Another album of Britney vision and take it to the next level with the music Hopefully the album will be released this year sometime
  3. For a minute there
  4. This mediocre bitch is nothing like Britney Can't sing, can't perform to save her life, nobody really interested in her unless she paired up with an actual successful male celeb
  5. Nothing was memorable or great about Rihanna performances that night
  6. If thats what Britney wants
  7. VMA was a mid tempo song that did not call for anything over the top Just simple and stripped down and Britney letting folks know that you cannot put her in any boxes
  8. Britney was satisfy with her performance and thats all that matters
  9. but she showed she can still command and own a stage with less and that she's not one deminsional Make Me seen a huge increase on itunes after the performance she still won
  10. 10 for the performance She wanted something stripped down and succeeded She showed she can still command and own a stage with less
  11. but she did beacuse she wanted and can
  12. Just enjoy the music
  13. Make Me is a record that will age well
  14. We will have to wait and see next album which she started on this year As long as you know