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  1. Not gonna happen though. Let's be realistic, Michael pulled a Greatest Hits Vol.1 + HIStory (new album) 2-CD pack in 1995, but the GH turned out not to be so successful so Epic Records decided to release 2 albums separately. It'd be unwise for Britney's team to do the same aka 2cds featuring all of her hits with 2 up to 3 previously unreleased material. This is so GHMP. Unless, they want to make it grant my giving us a cool huge CD+DVD/Bluray boxset like they did with TSC I'd like beautiful, cool merchandise though. It'd be great to have some that is RELATED to the anniversary. Hopefully they won't release Glory merchs for the occasion (they released Britney album merchs for Oops album anniversary, in case you guys don't recall)