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  1. I'd say MOST of Britney's singles that were released in the US: BOMT: BOMT (#1 for more weeks), Sometimes (top 20), Crazy (top 5) OIDIA: OIDIA (#1 or at least top 3), Lucky (top 20), Stronger (top 10), DLMBTLTK (top 20) Britney: Slave (top 10), Not a Girl (top 20 - one of her most beautiful ballads), Overprotected (top 10), Boys (top 30) ITZ: MATM (top 30), Toxic (#1 or top 5), Everytime (top 5) Blackout: BTI (top 20) Circus: IUSA (top 10) BJ: WB (top 10) Glory: MM (top 10), SP (top 30)
  2. Could anyone explain to me why gay guys are probably the biggest Britney fans? (I'm bi )
  3. I'd say that GM, POM and BTI are legendary rivals to each other when put into comparison. They're kinda like on their own league. I'm with most people here's opinions that GM IS great, but I appreciate your unpopular opinion and am not gonna overreact