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  1. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    can you be my sugar daddy plz?
  2. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    oh yes sounds good!!
  3. She's obviously creating new hot ass choreo, With some ACA-MAZING outfits, Preparing her facial expressions, Adjusting her mic, Making beautiful and inspiring speeches, And she's busy studying maps to avoid this: Bish got a LOT to do!
  4. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    I'm ging there as well! Are you from Belgium too??
  5. top most random rumors

    oh and a few years ago, there was a suddden random rumour she would release a Circus tour DVD after more than 3 years after the tour
  6. top most random rumors

    That they used a body double for HIAM
  7. Tour Poster in Berlin

    OMFG! It's in Antwerp, only 30 minutes away from my home Gonna drag my boyfriend over there this weekend cause I must take a picture!
  8. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    no, only a very few options are left
  9. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    Sadly I don't gonna hang a cardboard around my neck that reads "je ne parle pas le francais" I am going to the concert all by myself
  10. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    I LOVE this idea!! I'll be at: Antwerp: block 153 - row 27 - seats 1 up to 3. Anddddd Paris 28/08: Carre or - Porte O - Rang 11 - seat 11
  11. Why Piece of Me tickets are so expensive?

    "Willie, what country are we in?'
  12. Who’s going to Blackpool

    Antwerp and Paris here
  13. Simon Ellis is the musical director of both the Circus and Femme Fatale tour and made the remixes for both tours. He did share some such as Gimme More (FF), pre-intro (FF and the very first she shared), Toxic (FF) Slave (Circus), MATM (Circus), Circus opera intro (Circus), VMA mash-up, Work Bitch (Unreleased remix), Circus (Unreleased remix, it was used for the reprise durng the Circus Tour though) Last time he promised to share the "If U Seek Amy (FF version)" ... this was like 2 years ago or even more... I asked him DAILY where his promised remixes were and how I admire his work and I even told him his remixes are better than the orignal (ass kissing to get them), he then blocked me on twitter... That's why I ask YOU to ask him about more remixes! He promised them years ago and I need them in my lifeeeee FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/simonellismusic TWITTER: https://twitter.com/simonellismusic SOUNDCLOUD:
  14. Circus Tour Opera Audio

    you're welcome! Check this topic please:
  15. Circus Tour Opera Audio

    here it is: the full intro + opera intro + unreleased SE remix he attacthed himself to the opera intro https://www.dropbox.com/s/dj33nsskaleem30/Intro - Circus (Circus Tour Remix).m4a?dl=0
  16. 21 and i am not from the US. the Simpson family is barely know here unlike The Simpsons cartoon show
  17. Tickets in Belgium are only as early send as 4 weeks prior to the event to make sure people cannot resell them at higher prices. This is communicated in Dutch all over the purchase. In other words: you will not receive your ticket untill at least 4 weeks prior August 15th.
  18. Circus Tour Opera Audio

    he promised years ago he would upload If U Seek Amy from FF tour and then started to charge 5K per song. I love his work but he could be more grateful he had to chance working with her and be thankful we admire his work instead of charging big bucks for the remixes...
  19. Circus Tour Opera Audio

    correct. he attacted an unreleased Circus remix to the opera intro. the remix was used as "reprise: the bow" during the second US leg and such.