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  1. he allegedly knows all this stuff but fails to give us a name and calls it B10? I mean, he would know the album title by now... + failed to share the Pitbull song because they thought it was a joke. The only joke is this twitter account...
  2. Here comes the smasha, here comes the meltdown
  3. It'sSamB!tch

    rumor (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    I already was skeptical towards this account but this made me pull over the line. I am 100% not buying this. Come on...team B that used Brinny to promote others such as Sabi, Iggy, Tinashe and G-eazy now teaming up with Pitbull and Mariah Carry? I really don't buy this at all... If it's true then great but not getting my hopes up. Let us all wait and see this friday when it will be revealed if this account is actually reliable or not before believing this big thing.
  4. It'sSamB!tch

    rumor Apple Tree/Pie is a "less electronic Womanizer"

    If this is true, a #1 single is coming
  5. It'sSamB!tch

    tour 9 years ago today...| 17.06.2009

    OT: you're hawt
  6. tbh. I don't like Pitbull but many of his singles became popular songs so this MIGHT be a chance for Britney to get that summer smash...and he is opening her tour, they could promote it together. What more do we want ????
  7. It'sSamB!tch

    tour These costumes for POM please

    I kinda like them! The one for Slave would be HOT!
  8. It'sSamB!tch

    music 6 Days!!!

    I am readying my popcorn already! TV is cancelled, I'll be here all night to witness all the glory
  9. IF these are the lyrics, they acyually sounds like it's gonna be a fun summer track!
  10. It'sSamB!tch

    exhale Who wishes Onyx Hotel Tour was on DVD?

    tbh we have some GREAT bootlegs so I'd rather have a CIRCUS TOUR DVD instead!