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  1. I never liked them and they are soooo sexualizing every single thing. I don't care about some skin and such but this was just painful to watch! They looked like they were in their 40s being real stiff walking around in those ugly slutty costumes. hence even POM has better costumes lmao. No this was just an attempt to mislead you from the flat vocals. They have sounded much better than this.....
  2. dunno why but it reminded me on Private Show but 1000 times better
  3. Taylor Swift Previews New Song “Gorgeous”: Listen

    I am sure this i gonna slay. She is al about messing with haters, I am sure the weird voice is out of context or edited to fool them once more
  4. So a new song called "Icarus" by Julia Michaels leaked a few hours ago and IT TOTALLY SLAYS. I freaking love how dramatic it sounds and I can perfectly imagine Britney singing the chorus with her angelic voice. Judge me, call it basic, IDC cause THIS SONG IS FREAKING HOT. I need a Britney & Julia Michaels collab in my life and when it happens I need it to be as dramatic as this one