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  1. The most interesting thing about the Circus tour was...

    ya'll are kidding me right? I LOVE THEDE LOOKS. she was so nerdy and it suits her personality. Circus Tour has got the best costumes BY FAR. Reminder: a circus includes tacky clothes and thus ALL of her outfits were on point as the theme was about a circus
  2. you missed my point. it's about HOW she said it. she came off like a diva saying something like "you have to pay me". she could have adressed that waaaaay better and that is my point. It's like i saw a side of her that I never knew was there...... probably just a bad choice of words but yeah she kinda came off like a Mariah kind of diva to me... which ain't good
  3. kinda b!tchy how she said it tho... "you have to pay me". i thought she didn't do it for the money? if she can give up writing credits for My life would ... then why won't she pay this? sounds messed up and I do love her...