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  1. Circus Tour Opera Audio

    he promised years ago he would upload If U Seek Amy from FF tour and then started to charge 5K per song. I love his work but he could be more grateful he had to chance working with her and be thankful we admire his work instead of charging big bucks for the remixes...
  2. Circus Tour Opera Audio

    correct. he attacted an unreleased Circus remix to the opera intro. the remix was used as "reprise: the bow" during the second US leg and such.
  3. 3rd date in Paris...

    I'd love to be your typing error tho
  4. 3rd date in Paris...

    Girl go study maps...Denmark, Belgium all belong to Europe. and I believe she is going to Norway as well
  5. this article from 2014 is heartbreaking!

    given the circumstances she was facing that time, this might be true even tho it's Adnan....I don't get why they took her kids as she wasn't that problematic. I mean there are really much much worse parents whose kids never get taken away....it's all because she's famous and people wanted to see her hit rock bottom
  6. tbh what happened?? you made me curious
  7. Will she ever perform Not A Girl again?

    tbh I care more about her skipping the fan favorite Overprotected. It's more iconic than INAGNYAW