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  1. Should have been a single. One of her most powerful ballads. The lyrics are just everything what Britney is somehow. It's haunting and means so much to me that I nearlly cry every single time wheb listening to it. Same with HOT of BJ. They just get to me
  2. It first was july 30th but was then updated due the leak of DYWCO stems with the change saying tomorrow which was 2 days ago....
  3. okay, thanks! edited the title
  4. If only I could do it myself lol
  5. To be fair, making money out of our girl is just disrespectful Anyone sellig them don't give a single sh!t about Britney and about us, they just want to milk us. Okay without them we might not get any stems, but to be fair, I'd choose a demo or an unreleased track over stems and they leak without even paying thanks to kind amazing producers such as Bell. I get your point, but i will never respect anyone selling stems. Like it's their freaking voice on it?!?!?!?!
  6. People claim Britney was doing things against her will. In the meaning that she disliked some scenes but David lade her do them anyway. tbh I think it's crap. I think RCA wanted a new video cause the vid of Make Me started to leak ahead of its video premiere, that makes more sense why they went for a cheap lookig extended photoshoot rather than a hot vid. I mean she snapchatted a pic of her and G eazy in the original MM clothes and she looked happy....I don't believe a single thing she disliked the original vid.
  7. I know people that gave like 300 bucks for stems...
  8. Paying a sh!t load of money and trading
  9. Yet he critisizes when he is rather selfish himself. This fanbase sometimes.....
  10. Lol don't have you a lot of stems yet you don't share anything at all? .... I recall you having the POM stems
  11. Would you be so kind and pm them to me? Thank you in advance!
  12. Some douche? Lol I am thankful for that douche. I hate selfish people not leaking this sh!t.
  13. You were the one that shared the DYWCO stems so you're probably not even lying here
  14. This is why i still believe he tells the truth. Why would a liar push a date earlier to get exposed sooner? Makes no sense so lust be real. Check his account, hasn't been on since yesterday so probably just busy with having a life
  15. Probably lives in a different time zone + the person probably has got a life aside of being on exhale all day long. Just guessing