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  1. It was also available on her online store back in the day. My grandma got it for me for xmas BTeam needs to step up their promotion items. It would not be hard to create stuff like this for her tours and it would be fast coins for them. Can you imagine one of these for The Circus and Femme Fetal tours. ugh would have been everything.
  2. BKSTYL3

    exhale Who wishes Onyx Hotel Tour was on DVD?

    All of us: It doesnt make since it wasnt released on DVD. There was so much material they could have put in there
  3. I finally got one (again): Intro: Video: Digital Concert Program: Video: All Access: All Access>Biography: All Access>Behind The Scenes: Videos: All Access>Crossroads: Videos: Interactive Interview: Videos: Ask The Cast and Crew: Videos: All Access>Britney's Dance Beat: Videos: Music: Music>Discography: Music>Music Videos: Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/BritneySpearsVEVO/videos (Just 60 sec previews) Music>Videos 2 Buy: Videos: (Same Crossroads Trailer as above) Dress Rehearsals: Videos: On The Road: Videos: Online: Charities: Gear: Bonus (On the Disk not in the Menu anywhere):