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  1. 6 hours ago, Oops... I did it again said:

    Neither Britney or Christina ever reached as low as Taylor. TMZ is reporting that Taylor is releasing her album on the same day as Kanye's mother's death. If that's true, then Snakelor is a piece of a sh!t of a human being. 

    Also, Look what you made me do sounds like I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred


    Her label already confirmed it was a concidence. Shes also releasing usually in October-November. 

    Also a confirmed sample and got credit ;) 

  2. 1 minute ago, Mohd93 said:

    Not to mention the EPIC promo they did which led us to believe she was going to do something amazing.

    We were hyped up for that? I mean... you can understand why fans were so upset about it. 

    Exactly. They hyped us up with that commercial. That commercial basically lead us to the disappointment because of the hype. 

    It was not even worthy watching it a second time lol. Not only fans but also GP. Looking at the dislikes and the comments about her being a has-been, bad lipping etc. It only did more damage to her image. 

  3. She could've done that performance somewhere else but not the VMAs. Saying how she did history there in the commercial but then coming up with that performance? They did everything wrong, that could've went wrong. She could've performed something uptempo there like Liar or DYWTCO instead of Make Me. Maybe using it as an intro but not as a full song with MM&I. Beyoncé deserved all the praise she got for her performance while Britney deserved the criticism. Bad lipping, a weird outfit and that overall lackluster performance. The VMAs used to be her show. Everyone got excited and asked themselves, what she's gonna do this time. If she decides to perform again someday, people wont even care, because they will expect another 2016 performance.