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  1. I love FF and BTW. Both album are legendary. BTW is a mix from pop dance and other. FF is a beautiful pop and electric album. Thats the reason that i love Britney and Gaga ♥

  2. Real Name: Sokka

    Age: 13

    What Other Artists You Stan: Gaga, Selena Gomez and Big Time Rush

    Your Fave Song (cant be britney): I\'m A Slave 4 U, Boyfriend

    How Would Ur Friends Describe You: funny

    Do U Have Gaga On Your iPod: Yes

    Are U Just Here To Troll / Promote Other Artists: No

    What Dya Do When Ya Not Online: Listen to music

    Your Sexuality: straight

    Are You a Virgin: Yes

    Your Worst Life Experience: I don\'t have that

    and Your Best: Look to Your worst life Experience