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  1. GemmaTeller

    tour She HAS to be rehearsing

    Nah. An insider on twitter told me the dancers showed up to the dance studio for rehearsal and it was locked, no one was there, but there was a sign hanging up outside...
  2. GemmaTeller

    music Why Britney never performed My Prerogative?

    I don't know but it maes me sad that she hasn't
  3. I realize how important it is to take care of yourself from the inside out, how bad smoking and tanning are, and how important skincare is. It doesn't matter if you were literally the most beautiful girl in the world when you were young you still need to take good care of yourself or look what happens and you can't just piece yourself back together with plastic surgery because nothing looks as good as putting in the effort to keep yourself looking young and healthy for as long as possible naturally. So in short, she made me view plastic surgery as something I wanna make the effort to hold off on as long as possible.
  4. GemmaTeller

    socialney Makeup works wonders!!! This left me shook.

    The teeth look better but i'm still not feeling that makeup. Probably because photoshop makeup just looks weird.
  5. GemmaTeller

    other Team Britney is so disrespectful towards us

    It's nobodys fault that a bunch of ADULTS believe some random twitter rumors and then cry when it doesn't happen. Britney's fanbase isn't made of little kids/tweens like some artists it's made up of like 25 year old grown ass men (and a few grown ass women) why should anyone baby us and shut down every little rumor that there was no logical reason for anyone to believe anyways? There have been a few times where it was their fault, like hyping up a "big surprise" that turned out to be sh!t, but this time? They did nothing wrong.