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  1. again you completely missed the point lol bless your sweet heart. don't hurt yourself.
  2. WTF is this? LOL

    LOL she really tarnished her image with Kevin and Chaotic
  3. Watch || New Ig Video

    she has the hottest body and the shittiest style
  4. Why is everybody here so anti Vegas residency?

    bad show bad costumes 100% lipped 4 years of the same show we are ready for something new
  5. Sometimes I think she

    Have you had that therapy or something?
  6. that definitely wasn't my point but im not surprised that you didn't get that. check over your head.
  7. It sounds slowed down. I tried speeding up the turntable but it makes it way too fast. Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. 5x in 14 years i was talking about onstage anyway
  9. If U Seek Amy or Up N Down?

    UND its my fave song on FF!
  10. I got Glory on vinyl and...

    i know my other vinyls dont do that
  11. no i mean i dont think most people know it exists and if they've heard it prob dont know its britney or know it by heart or anything. i think its a fan thing.
  12. why? it's not like she's a dancer
  13. Sam is only 23?

    i know i cant believe she takes him seriously
  14. An underrated performance

    It was ok I mean it was obviously pre-recorded vocals. I hated the short wig. The outfits were cute. I just kept waiting for something cool to happen and it didn't until she danced in the ring of fire. She would make a big deal over something stupid like the mic stand to just put on one glove lol. It was an awkward performance and could have been better.
  15. a couple songs live in her whole career is not impressive girl
  16. 1. Britney 2. Kylie 3. Jennifer Lopez 4. Madonna 5. Janet Jackson 6. Gwen Stefani 7. Rihanna 8. Lana Del Rey 9. Kelly Clarkson 10. Robyn I also love MIA, Iggy Azalea, Idina Menzel, Selena Gomez, Shania Twain
  17. No and she hasn't had background singers since Circus Tour.
  18. That's sad that he could feel it coming. On another note, for the first single for the 10th album I would love if she did a throwback - song by Max Martin, video by Nigel d*ck and choreography by Brian Friedman.
  19. A few misses in a million wins though is different than Britney who misses every time. JLo is not a powerhouse vocalist, neither is Britney, but she has mad respect as an entertainer she OWNS the stage in a way that Britney hasn't in almost 14 years. At least she's singing live in those videos - Britney hasn't since 2004.
  20. omg have you guys seen this pic before?

    r u serious lol i never saw that. britney doesnt really sing are we sure we can believe this?
  21. Britney's WTF POM outfits/looks

    it would prob be easier to say which ones were good bc out of 4 years there were only like 6
  22. omg have you guys seen this pic before?

    i wonder if britney was like who the f**k is this