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  1. The other day I found out I would be on the east coast during her tour so I've been looking on Ticketmaster and Stubhub. I know tickets went on sale a while ago and this is a limited tour in more intimate venues but her show is not worth $300 for the cheapest tickets. Is her team delusional or is it bc of something else?
  2. As we all know Britney's POM "costumes" have been beyond tacky, cheap, and horrendous since 2013. I really hope she works with REAL designers to make REAL costumes that are creative and beautiful. We would die if she wore any of these: WB/Womanizer/BTI/POM: BOMT/OIDIA: MATM/GM: Boys/DYWCO: Slave/MM/Freakshow/DS: Circus/IUSA/BOM/SP/TOMH: Toxic/Stronger/Crazy/TTWE:

    tour These costumes for POM please

    I have a feeling she uses them so much bc they're so easy to change. Taking off a tiny onesie is like taking off a swimsuit. Prob makes costume changes so quick.
  4. I REALLY don't think we'll know anything about a new song until the tour starts, and that's only IF she sings a new song. And it might not even be the first single.

    music What you felt when you listened X for the first time

    I remember coming home from school in 98 and waiting for BOMT to come on the radio. I would dance around my room to it lol. The beginning of my almost-20 year fanship.
  6. We knew about MM for months before it was released
  7. And the Most Delusional Award goes to...

    tour about the tour

    A lot of scalpers bought tickets to sell them back at a higher price and there are actually a lot of those tickets left at a lot if not most of the dates. Not all the tickets sold have been from fans.

    tour These costumes for POM please

    To everyone sayin Britney should be wearing pants: don't hold your breath. The least she could do is get some designer leotards and underwear sets like what I posted vs. the cheap sh!t she gets her wardrobe team to cut up lol. At least they would be interesting onstage and with her body right now she would RAWK them. We would be so shook.
  10. Well I heard it was MORE electronic than Womanizer so...
  11. If we were REALLY getting something in a few days I think Britney would be teasing it on social and she's not

    tour These costumes for POM please

    yeah its sad lol

    tour These costumes for POM please

    Wait what are you talking about lol

    other Something that always bothered me with POM

    I've always thought this. I think Britney gets very bored and always wants to change everything. But POM has shown us that if she does the same thing over and over for a long time she gets better at it. I would love to see the original choreo for songs like BOMT, Crazy, and Oops. I'd also love to hear the original versions too vs. all the remixes we get.

    other Something that always bothered me with POM

    It was random in the original setlist but now it closes the first section so I don't think that's as random. I don't care that it's shortened or anything but I do care that she actually was moving in the original choreography and then she just started hanging out at the top of the stairs like wtf.
  16. My first reaction is "no thanks" but then I thought about JLo's songs with Pitbull. If they could give us an On The Floor or Dance Again I'd be okay with that.
  17. I agree that today's artists are mediocre compared to Britney in her prime. But compared to some of today's artists, Britney is the mediocre one these days. She's done a lot of amazing things in her career, but just bc she's 9 albums in doesn't mean she should just give up. Madonna, Janet, and Kylie have been in the game since the 80s and they're still going strong. I'm not saying Britney has to do a sh!t ton of promo, a full world tour with 100% live vocals, and 5 singles for each album. I'm saying that I wish Britney put in 100% effort in the projects that she did decide to do. If she doesn't like doing this anymore then tour for every other album or put out an album every 5 years vs. 3. And then put a lot of love and energy into those projects. As a fan, I'd love to see her have more hits with the GP and still impress the GP with her performances. She's more than capable: she's only 36 years old. She's not some old woman has-been lol. It's her dedication and effort levels that ruin a lot of her projects that have potential.
  18. No, her physical tour book was sold separately. I got them both for $20 each. This CD-rom came in a circular flimsy plastic holder (kinda cheap lol) on a simple black string lanyard, I think they were trying to make it look like a VIP pass or something but it didn't lol.

    tour Let's Argue

    Didn't find it flawless it's just a lotttt better than the Bambi Awards. At Bambi she was like a baby deer (ironically) in headlights that had just been born still trying to figure out what walking was. She looked good but even the press compared her costume to something Madonna had just worn and nothing exciting happened. She like, barely smiled at the end like "is this sh!t over?" it was awkward lol. In BBMA 16, almost everything was on point: her hair, makeup, body, costumes, sets, pyro/lasers, we got 7 songs... the breakdown in Slave was better than the whole Bambi performance. She looked confident, actually moved, was sexy, and looked like she was actually having fun. She looked like she wanted to be there, not something she had to do like Bambi.

    tour Let's Argue

    Really? You enjoyed that more than BBMA 2016?

    tour Let's Argue

    No show since OH has been flawless. It's sad but she obviously isn't as good as her peak and unfortunately her team isn't the best either. All 3 shows (Circus, FF, POM) have their pros and cons. I went to the Circus Tour first and second N. American legs. The first time, I was very disappointed. A lot of people kept saying "she's back!" after opening night. She definitely wasn't back. The production was great obviously and it was a very fun show but she barely did anything in the whole show. I will say TOMH was pretty daring though which was a glimpse at "old Britney." Also, the setlist was disappointing. I loved most of the Blackout songs but I was sad that she didn't do more Circus tracks. She was a better performer when I saw Circus for the second time but by then the costumes were really messy and she didn't even do TOMH. She did debut You Oughta Know though which was cool even though it wasn't a great performance and she prob didn't sing live. When I went to FF Tour, overall I thought it was a better show. I loved the narrative, the stage with the moving elements (platforms and video screens), her crowd interaction was better than Circus, the special effects (lasers and fireworks), and the setlist was on point. More importantly, she had more routines and even though she still wasn't like old Britney, was doing more than she was in Circus. I didn't get a chance to go to POM. She wasn't there when I went to Vegas. However, it didn't look like a good show. Almost everything was "off." She got better in it and the revamp was decent but then the costumes got beyond sloppy and 5 years of one show is just too much.

    music Britney's fav Britney songs

    She talks about Early Mornin' so much and yet she's paid it dust. I'm surprised she didn't include it in POM at some point. Could have made for an interesting performance if they made it kind of like BOM.

    tour These costumes for POM please

    I hope so too. I don't know how her taste sucks so badly lol.