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  1. New Britney Shirt

    its fugly tbh
  2. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    this move i cant believe she did that show for 4 years
  3. I don't like it either. I think P!nk is okay but she puts out the same album every single time. It's all the same sh!t.
  4. Maybe it's she finally realizes that everyone thinks she's a whiny, backstabbing bitch and is too scared to do interviews now.
  5. P!nk Says Mary J Blige Said No To A Collaboration

    I mean in 2000 P!nk was an almost nobody so I'm sure Mary J Blige didn't even know who she was. Plus she looked like this, Mary was probably scared AF
  6. Sia Announces ‘Everyday Is Christmas’ Album

    Interesting that it's only original songs. She's a great songwriter so I'm sure it'll be cool! I love Christmas music so this is exciting for me =)

    wtf is wrong with those illustrations?! so creepy! but i am here for a cute emoji
  8. If so how do they sound? Any different?
  9. Anybody have Glory or BOMT on vinyl?

    Yeah I figured, as with pretty much all modern vinyls. Thanks for the info!

    I can't even watch, those outfits are beyond hideously terrible.
  11. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    Her energy alone at 59 trumps Britney since she was like 25
  12. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    She's better than Britney so...
  13. Let's not compare bc both of those women slay Britney onstage still. Chart positions decline the longer you're in the business I mean look at Britney, it's happening to her too. But Britney could take some notes.
  14. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    i can only imagine how shallow their relationship probably is lol
  15. Britney is enjoying life

    She can live her life if she wants. But she shouldn't put out projects (like her albums) and also not give a f**k. I wish she would be all in or all out.
  16. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    No I mean I bet she'll still make albums and probably tour for some of them. But it really depends on what she does next that will determine what kind of artist she is. She can get back into the swing of things if she does a proper era: a great album with 4-5 singles, good videos, promo and a tour. Or she can really let her career take a backseat and put out an album with a couple of singles and not tour. Or she can really solidify herself as a nostalgia/back catalog act and do another residency.
  17. most iconic britney's dancer for me

    Yeah the hottest are Leo from OH, Chase, Marco from FF and Willie. But the most iconic for me was TJ: