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  1. Blackout wasn't a disaster. It was barely promoted and still went to #2. Sure it was her first non-#1 but 2 isn't bad. Look at BJ and Glory. Plus GM was her second-highest peaking single on the BBHot100 and POM was a moderate hit too.
  2. i do not see her appeal she can't sing, dance or perform. she has like one song and its mediocre. shes completely forgettable.
  3. We'll get the POM Tour in summer and maybe a fragrance in fall and that's it for 2018
  4. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

    its all fake honey
  5. Now That I Found You could be a hit single

    it would not have been a hit single
  6. Howie Mandel Shading Larry Rudolph in 1999

    no he wasnt lol ur reading into nothing
  7. Howie Mandel Shading Larry Rudolph in 1999

    he did absolutely nothing wrong. he made a little joke that wasnt shade or anything.
  8. Do you think she still loves Kevin?

    no. they were only together for a few years and he really betrayed her badly. plus he moved on and got married and had more kids. thats the biggest form of closure. i think she felt very used and you dont love someone anymore when you feel that way, especially 11 years later.
  9. prob bc that hairstyle was ridiculously ugly
  10. Howie Mandel Shading Larry Rudolph in 1999

    howies not as bad as britney saying umm every other word lol
  11. yeah i mean she doesnt have to do the full BOMT, Crazy or Oops choreographies but elements like you said would be so much fun!
  12. However, bc she doesn't have to learn new routines constantly JLo crushes it EVERY time. Britney is someone who needs to stay a little more consistent so she will get comfortable with routines.
  13. Kensworthy talks Blackout!

    he didnt talk about it tho lol
  14. its like shes embarrassed by her own career. she always wants to do new stuff... new choreo, new remixes. sometimes i wish we would just get classic choreography and classic arrangements.
  15. Britney was all on board for Vegas and BJ was used to promote Vegas. If she didn't want to do an album she wouldn't do it. She was really proud of BJ.