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  1. I really like Guilty creatively but it wouldn't have done well so there would have been almost no point in releasing it other than to make a statement.
  2. im expecting apple music festival but with this catwalk
  3. this video proves two things: 1) britney really isn't delivering the choreo as well as she prob could 2) britney's star power is really special (is part of it just bc she's pretty?)
  4. B&A - I'd be happy with a full album from them. If Danja could deliver every time I would probably vote for him but I didn't think his work on Circus was amazing like Blackout.
  5. Yup and even then it was only 3 videos from Rebel Heart. But yeah, Britney's label also knows by now that she doesn't promote her singles so there's really no chance for her to have a hit from Glory.
  6. there's no point. MM didnt do so well, the album didn't do so well, SP flopped... there aren't any big hits on Glory anyway.
  7. yeah cuz u cant see her face
  8. her Shakira and Alanis ones were on point but her Britney was just ok
  9. It doesn't mean anything as far as a re-release. I wouldn't hold your breath.