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  1. i wouldnt hold your breath. i don't have much hope for a B10 era after 4 years of what we got with POM
  2. I don't think we'll ever know exactly what she's saying or who she's saying it to.
  3. its a cute song but def not album worthy
  4. It's clearly photoshopped in the second pic, you can see her name on it in the first.
  5. "on fire" and the new BTI choreo don't go in the same sentence. forever pressed they changed it.
  6. well I've ALWAYS wanted LDR to write a song or two for one of her albums. i don't think she needs too many of them, it's not her sound or her thing. but i think it could be really fun and different for Britney to do a song or two with her. LDR is a phenomenal lyricist and she's a huge Britney fan! she co-wrote Ghetto Baby that Cheryl Cole ended up recording. i see it being kinda like that.
  7. lol christina has a star? i guess its not as hard as i thought
  8. Look I see what you're saying - it's not like it didn't chart at all and Britney is over bc of it. However, #17 is not good for Britney standards, especially for a first single. The FF era was only 5 years before Glory and got her a #1 album and four top 10 singles including two #1's. The next year, S&S was a #3 worldwide smash. Hell even the BJ era gave her a bigger hit with WB (#12). So... Britney can do better than #17. The MM video didn't make an impact, she barely promoted it and at the end of the day, the GP doesn't care about her slower songs. So - if you're okay with her peaking at #17 and a #3 album, that's cool. Not all of her fans are happy with her settling though.
  9. Not really but if it is to you, then ok.
  10. BB... lol. If you think MM was some kind of hit single, I have news for you.
  11. you think #17 is peaking high?? Yeah let's blame it's floppage on some kind of discount. Guys...
  12. double post oops
  13. Honey iTunes don't mean sh!t if the song failed to make a cultural impact or chart well on the Billboard chart. It didn't do well on iTunes for very long anyway. A #17 song is not a hit. She's not on any kind of radio ban like 2001-2003. MM flopped. Time to move on.
  14. It's one of her best albums and yet there are really no hits on it so it was probably doomed from the beginning. They should have recorded the album and then tried really hard to craft 2-4 hits to release as the singles to support the album for people to be really interested in it. For instance, with songs like MM and SP, the GP really just doesn't care about her slower songs.
  15. I couldn't edit my post for some reason so here's the video from my comment above: