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  1. Janet's been one of my favorites for a while! I got into her bc I went to Britney's BOMT Tour where she covered Nasty and Black Cat. I got her greatest hits for these songs and then loved the rest of them! I even went to the All For You Tour! I had tickets for the Rockwitchu Tour but she cancelled 30 min before the show bc she was sick =( My fave album of hers is All For You, I just think it's such a fun pop album. My fave song of hers though is If!
  2. i agree she thinks she's awesome, quirky, funny but she comes across as stupid, cocky and a bitch
  3. katy perry is a dumb bitch i dont know how her shitty new song is #4
  4. he seems like a little bitch
  5. katy perry's a dumb bitch
  6. lady Gaga's ugly af lol
  7. I mean who are they? Maybe if they worked with Max people would know or care
  8. too bad her show sucked. i went last month
  9. Who? Lol she's getting what she deserves. Her career has been over for a loooong time.
  10. I don't think so. Human Nature was the 3rd song in that show and 4 Minutes was the 5th to last. There was a long time in between their appearances
  11. You must not have actually gone then. I did and it was awesome! Not flawless but overall a good show and a great time. You must be very bored.