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  1. im not here for possibly's so come back when there's something official
  2. Oh this is the most !

    People hate on that performance but I love it! It's so cute! Yes it's cheesy but I think it was supposed to be. It's very fun and the choreography was really good. This makes me really miss the DWAD Tour and the whole Britney era!! #JusticeForAnticipating
  3. Am I the only one who thinks this?

    it should have been on the album!!
  4. half of your gifs don't work but that's fine bc i don't have to see as much of her face that way lol
  5. Glory Alternate Tracklist

    Mainly that Invitation is the perfect album opener and Hard To Forget Ya works better towards the end of the album. I like the track list of the original album.
  6. who r u waitin 4 da most?

    can't wait for the Kylie album!!
  7. No matter what's happened with Britney, Britney fans always come out on top over Christina fans bc Britney always comes out on top over Christina lol
  8. I love that she's doing something different and re-inventing herself but still in her style. It's natural and not forced. I love the cover for this same reason! It's still very Kylie but different.
  9. We know why Glory flopped. Britney didn't promote and only focused on Vegas and yes, the two singles are not her best songs and the MM video was what it was. Christina really tried and still couldn't lol. Either way, at least Britney's shows were selling while Christina had to cancel the entire Bionic Tour bc nobody cared.
  10. I Will Be There vs. Thinkin About You

    IWBT. both are cute songs but IWBT is much better. its the only non-single on BOMT that's really a standout.
  11. This pic forever ICONIC

    maybe to us but not the gp which is kinda the definition of iconic
  12. Femme Fatale Alternate Tracklist

    the only thing i dont love about FF track list is that Inside Out is too slow for #3. Maybe should have switched it with I Wanna Go. Also, Up N Down and HATLM should have been on the standard album but oh well.
  13. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    whats with that weird lace part
  14. I downloaded it and had to delete it after a few listens bc it wasn't worth the space on my computer.
  15. I'm on the side of the majority bc nobody bought it or bought tickets to the tour